luni, 20 septembrie 2010

GnR t minus 24 (don't forget Danko !!!)

T minus less than a day de la concertul de la care nu mi-au dat acreditare (da' m-am descurcat)
so maybe Axl will be late, but we'll have Danko--below the belt...(i have sort of expectation from him and maybe Axl won't be 2 fukin late)

dupa situl lui:
Danko’s inimitable, unflinching dispatches from the frontlines of the war of the sexes... So long as guys keep thinking with their dicks instead of their heads and so long as beautiful women have the power to reduce men to drooling, deviant, irrational idiots, Danko Jones records will continue to sound like Danko Jones records. And we all know none of that is going to change anytime soon.
si tot Danko (care a deschis pentru OZZY azi la Bercy;)tweets:
Ozzy is fucking great!!!! "Suicide Solution", "War Pigs", "Fairies Wear Boots", "Bark At The Moon"!!!! Had a great show and watching Ozzy! 1 hr ago
Ok, now we're off to Bucharest tomorrow to play with @gunsandroses. It's gonna be AWESOME! Tonight Ozzy, Tomorrow GNR! - Danko 3 mins ago

YEP !~!!!

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