joi, 24 mai 2012

C 65: On the Road

ah, si da, La multi ani Bob Dylan !!!! 71, man ! still freewheeling :) ce film mai potrivit de ziua lui Bob Dylan decit ON THE ROAD ? adaptarea romanului lui Jack Kerouac, depre misfits si generatia catre Walter Salles, intr-un film de 147 de minute, cam lung, prea lung si destul de uninvolving, sau poate e festival fatigue, ca am vazut prea multe filme bune :)
It's now been 8 years since Walter Salles began this work, because he began by shooting the highly original documentary Looking for On the Road. "The idea of adapting the novel was so complex that I wanted to make a documentary charting the journeys taken by Kerouac and the rest of the group, so that I could gain a better insight into the odyssey described in the book and what remained of post-industrial America," he explains. And so he set out to meet the characters in the book, some of whom are still alive. According to the director, the adaptation of the book required a great deal of spontaneity. "To remain faithful to its spirit, we had to prioritise improvisation while shooting. But if you know the tune, it's much easier to riff."

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