miercuri, 20 mai 2015

SICARIO: the Cannes 68 killer !

dupa modelul esperanto al unor publicatii de aici cronica blitz la acest nou favorit ALD in ingles ! habla ingles §
another masterpiece this year in Cannes and one with a long career; now I can vouch for Villeneuve directing Blade Runner 2
shades of The Counselor and Traffic in SICARIO; a south of the border tale of dark and evil; Oscar material for Del Toro and Emily Blunt and supporting Josh Brolin; great cinematography by Roger Deakins :second teaming with Villeneuve after Prisoners; great music as sound design by Johan Johanesson °Prisoners as well)
4 stele :maxim in Screen International;
4 1/2 stele moi

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