marți, 7 februarie 2017

Kung Fury !!!

This thing has been around til 2015 and no one told me about it !
so I gotta tell ya all and spread the news -cos it's FUNtastic and you'll love it !!!
le poster !
Sweedish wiz kid David Sandberg created this ! He also acted as KUNG FURY, a combination of Karate Kid and Cobra -Cobretti, a superkungfucop living -and kicking ass- in (Crockett;'s) Miami 1985 that goes back in time to kick Adolf Hitler's ass (Jorma Tacone as Hitler, the KUNG FUHRER, the guy who directed Macgruber !)
plus dinosaurs, laser-raptors, Hackerman, Barbarianna, Thor, Katana and  Triceracop !!
and VHS glitches !!!
as mash-up/fan movies go this is most fun and original and...FUN (sorry Timo, but way funnier than yr Star Wreck and Iron Sky, which are in the same vein)

Sandberg spent 5.000 $ to create a TRAILER and then went to Kickstarter (see his pitch here) and raised 600.000 mostly for the post-production (see an VFX breakdown here) and the result is just WOW!!!
Even Cannes was impressed so this made a special presentation on Semaine de la Critique in 2015 !!!!
Variety was so impressed that called it: Most Awesome Project in Cannes !!!
Comic-On (San Diego) was all head over heels (see here ).
right now they are working on the follow-up, Kung Fury II: The Movie, announced for 2018 !
can't wait ! Kudos, guys !!!
right now the youtube screener has almost 27 milllion views !!!!!
Key element of cultdom:
brilliant 80's pastiche music by Mitch Murder (aka Johan Bengstonn) and Lost Years with the contribution of The Hoff,-yes, David Hasselhoff , who has a song, TRUE SURVIVOR in the film  (and a cameo as Hoff 9000) ! check out the awesome :) video (shot in Sweden) !
4 out of 5 !!! for the fun factor and awesomness 0-and hard work !

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