marți, 21 noiembrie 2017

The Punisher is back !

after a stint in the 2nd season of Daredevil, Frank Castle is back on his own series !
1st episode features a mean song by Tom Waits, Hell Broke Luce, (on the hammer scene), from the appropiate (for The Punisher also) titled album, Bad as Me (2011).  iI makes death/industrial scene look & sound like pop wussies.
then we got Metallica''s One and on ep. 12, "Home a bit of bläckout dream before & in between the torture, a highly interesting and unusual song from Paul Weller, You Do Something To Me, from his album, Stanley's Road.1995. I must say I am not a fan of Weller really, or The Jam, but this song sounds like a classic Greg Allman, Bad Company/Paul Rodgers, Bob Seger, you catch my drift piece. Very weird to be included here. So, here it is-fabulous song:

The Punsiher will be back !
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