luni, 22 ianuarie 2018

Orpheum Theatre & beyond

Doug Jones and Sally Hawkins in The Shape of Water (2017)
showing The Story of Ruth ..
and Elisa Esposito and her strange friend from the Amazon ;)
Orpehum theatre stand-in -Elgin Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"If I spoke about it...if I did...what would I tell you? I wonder? Would I tell you about the time? It happened a long time ago, it seems, in the last days of a fair prince's reign. Or would I tell you about the place? A small city near the coast but far from everything else. Or...I don't know...would I tell you about her? The princess without voice. Or perhaps I would just warn you, about the truth of these facts and the tale of love and loss, and the monster who tried to destroy it all."

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