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Stanley Donen RIP

In March 2014 when I started running the Cinemateca Patria Stanley Donen was 90 years old. So we did an homage , showing his films, from Funny Face and Arabesque, to The Grass is Greener, Two for the Road, Bedazzled, The Royal Wedding, The Little Prince and Chrarade, which is always a public favourite. We showed also Singin' in the Rain in the Love Story festival. Now five years later in the wake of Oscars mr. Donen is gone one month before getting to be 95. One of the greteast directors that ever were and the last surviving film director from Hollywood's Golden Age,  !
Here's what Steven Spielberg said about his early mentor 
Stanley Donen is one of the greatest film makers who ever lived, a fine man and an inspiration, whose work will live forever.
 Feb 23

Editorial use onlyMandatory Credit: Photo by Snap/REX/Shutterstock (390890nl)FILM STILLS OF 'BLAME IT ON RIO' WITH 1984, STANLEY DONEN IN 1984Various

                         Stanley Donen (1924–2019)

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