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Anna Karina RIP

Danish born Anna Karina, Godard's muse (and his wife for a while once upon a time) was 79. She was in his films, Le Petit Soldat, Vivre sa vie, Une Femme es une femme, Bande a Part,Alphaville,  Pierrot le Fou, Made in USA.  
“Not since Josef von Sternberg and Marlene Dietrich had there been a director-and-star tandem so potent,” (Variety)
Top model for starters, then actress, symbol of Nouvelle Vague, 3 more husbands, 4 novels, directed two features, Vivre ensemble, in 1973 and Victoria in 2008. Died Dec. 14, in Paris.
Her lesser known films, incl. posters on MUBI article here.
Obituary here 
and a grata piece on her on the Criterion Collection here or

 A wonderful brilliant scene with her dancing on Bande à Part that influenced Tarantino (his company is called Band A Part), here:

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