luni, 9 martie 2020

Max von Sydow RIP

Max von Sydow, one of the greatest actors that ever was, is no longer here :(
He died on Sunday March 8th, he was 90.
Sweedish born, he 1st appeared in Ingmar Bergman's films-he faced death in The Seventh Seal - to an international career, from Jesus (in The Greatest Story Ever Told) to the Exorcist, with plenty of supporting roles in Hollywood films, villains galore, played a campy Emperor Ming back in 1980 in Flash Gordon and a Blofeld in the unofficial Bond, Never Say Never Again !
must-see, one of my faved films, The Night Visitor, a rare gem  (1973).
-will do a tribute at Cinemateca Patria in April. well, that is, when it will re-open again :(

Empire obit here 
Indiewire here 

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