marți, 7 aprilie 2020

RIP Honor Blackman

"I must be dreamin'...."

She might've been the oldest Bond Girl,
wait no, that is Monica Bellucci in Spectre, but that was a Bond wo-man, and a widow too .),
but she made HIStory, back there in 1964 and GOLDFINGER
The name is/was and always will be Pussy Galore, and that's plenty :)
Mrs. Honor Blackman was very English and very 38 years at the time, which would made her a veeery mature woman in Bond's swingin sixties world !
She might have died also the oldest Bond woman, on April 6th 2020, at 94 !!!
She was also a fierce  Avenger, that is before those Marvel comics...she left the series to to Bond and that is her major legacy, but lookie here:
Blackman learned judo for the role. The experience helped spur her to co-write the 1966 book Honor Blackman’s Book of Self-Defence, a book that, as NBC News notes, was “among the first books about martial arts aimed at young women.”
obituary in Rolling Stone, here 
Honor Blackman in Goldfinger (1964)
                                                    "You can turn off the charm, I am imune !"
well, now...:(

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