vineri, 11 septembrie 2020

LMA Brian De Palma is 80 !!!!

 Happy Birthday Maestro !  Auguri e Grazie !

I'm really sorry you did not get to make more subversive great stuff in the last decade, the 2010's and I really wanted to like Domino and Passion but we all know you lost the passion for 'em in the haf-way. 

Sorry you did not get to do that Untouchables prequel and the movie about Howard Hughes and other projects close to your heart.

You guys over everywhere should see the De Palma doc for more insights on the timeless influence of BDP movies. 

***And now that's this crap idea of another Scarface remake circling around who seems to come to fruition :(  a revisionist take by Luca Guagardino, who did a good job with Argento's Suspiria but Scarface as by De Palma 's 1983 is such a unique piece in time that no one can ever touch Pacino and Oliver Stone's  take on Montana on a mountain of coke and madness on the Moroder waltz. My piece on one of my favorite films here !

An article and interview with Guagardino from Venice on this here !

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