joi, 4 februarie 2021

Alice Cooper-Social Debris -SOTD & LMA !

Alice, Vincent, The Coop is 73 Today ! LA multi ani/ Happy B-DAY !!!

I was celebrating him listening to his breakthrough  album KILLER, 50th anniversary (out Nov. 1971), produced by meister Bob Ezrin, great MF revolutionary album ! Long time, no hear- Halo of Flies,  Desperado, Dead babies... wawawiwa :) 

He put out a new single from the upcoming album, Detroit Stories, out on Feb. 26. Previously I have blogged on Song of the Day (SOTD) about Rocknroll, the album's first single, here.

SOCIAL DEBRIS is a song recorded with The Alice Coper Band, the title Social Debris, which fits well the ugly picture of 2day 2.

His message on twitter here, or

the song is available for download on his site for 24 Hours here

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