joi, 25 martie 2021

RIP George Segal

Sadly another one of Hollywoodțs greats, George Segal has passed away on March 23d 2021. He was 87. He was Oscar nominated for supporting actor in Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf ? (1966).

War movies (King Rat, The Bridge at Remagen), spy yarns (The Quiller Memorandum), thrillers & heist movies (The Hot Rock, The Terminal Man). Segal was a big star at the end of sixties and in the 70's, then in the 80țs his filmography bgan to fade away.  When I was a kid i saw him in cinema in The Southern Star (Steaua sudului), A Touch of Class, next to Glanda Jackson and Carbon Copy (Copie la indigo), when his son was a very young Denzel Washington. 

Last time I saw him in The Owl and the Pussycat (1970), next to Barbra Streisand, a catch-up classic comedy I saw just last year. 

Uncanny, just last morning I saw an article about the anniversary of California Split (1974),which I'm not sure I have ever seen, the Robertt Altman gambling film with Segal and Elliot Gould.

Segal: "I got along with [Altman] really well... It was like a party. It was so civilized back then. There were no long hours. It was relaxed. That’s why those movies from the ’70s were so good...Those ’70s, what we’re talking about, were transcendent..."

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