luni, 24 mai 2021

LMA Bob Dylan @80 !!!!

Bob Dylan is 80 today ! Amazing !!! Unbelievable ! Forever Young ! Are you Younger than that now ? Nah ? Why bother ? The times were a changing into the hellish worse, so why ?  Only another songwriter/hero/poet in the same league made it over 80,  and that was Leonard Cohen.  Well, Eric Burdon just got 80 this year too (May 11) and Tom Jones (last year in June) but they ain”t Bob or Lenny :)..

Last year I posted about Murder Most Foul, his dark poem on the death of JFK and lots else ramblings, and that was that. That is amazing, yes dudes it is !

A lot of my friends don't dig Dylan, the voice, the whining, the this the that. Well, as i told em, buzz off. Now, more than ever, leave me alone (und they did ;(

Bob is Bob, Bob is unique ! A poet, a pirate, a bootleger, a great promoter of his own enigma. Nobel and Oscar, too yep ! Took me many years to love him at his best, understand and care for his riddles, not take him seriously when he's at his most cryptical joker.  

He's been there all my life (OK, not when I was ten), but big over 35 years. Saw him in Frankfurt, missed him in Prague (missed the plane MF :(), came twice to Bucharest, was there but never met him face 2 face, bought his albums everywhere, read about him in Uncut where he was their absolute hero, argued and promoted him everywhere (DocandRoll par ex, No Direction Home, the 4 hr doc on him by Scorsese). And then there is the Rolling Thunder Revue by Scorsese on Netflix, one of the latest works on film on him (and it's great) !

Happy Birthday, Bob !  All Along the Watchtower !!!

*as we know from Big Mike, 'Bob is a Cool Guy' ! Tru !! And he's also 80 Now !!! :)

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