vineri, 8 aprilie 2022

Tokyo Vice (2022)

A day and an episode delay from the US and other territories, here comes (in Romania's HBOMAX) the Michael Mann produced (and first episode directed by him, his first directing effort since Blackhat-2015 !)  TOKYO VICE, based on the memoir of the true crime American reporter Jake Adelstein in Japan's 2000.  Created by J.T. Rogers, 8 episodes for the 1st season, a difficult and costful project that started as a feature film in 2013 with Daniel Radcliffe attached, and then became a orderseries for WB in 2018. Enter Michael Mann in 2019, and filming started in Tokyo pn March 5th 2020 being shot down due to Covid 19 just two weeks later. Production was halted three times!!!

Adelstein is portrayed by Ansel Elgort of Baby Driver's fame, more than Divergent and Insurgent, and recently in the West Side Story remake. Featuring Ken Watanabe (Inception) and Rachel Keller from the Fargo series, plus a strong Japanese supporting cast. Pulsing score by Danny Bensi & Saunder Juriaans (Fear of the Walking Dead, Ozark, Windfall). Virtuoso cinematography by Diego Garcia (Too Old to Die Young, Nimic).

Reminds more more of Black Rain than of Miami Vice :)  The neon jungle and Japan's strange atmosphere (for a gaijin ;) was a first sight in Ridley Scott's underatted classic. Watanabe reminds me of Ken Takatura and Rachel Keller of Kate Capshaw's character. Here solo baseball, there solo golf (all at night), motorbikes in both. 

Kishi Kaisei!!!

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