sâmbătă, 13 august 2022

RIP Wolfgang Petersen

He reinvented Hollywood action film. He was brought there after the huuuge succes of DAS BOOT, the most ambitious German film of the 80's, also turned into a TV mine series. His 1st English language film was The NeverEnding Story, based on the book by Michael Ende., Unendliche Gesichte. Then he did Enemy Mine in Hollywood, then the thriller Shattered. IMO In the Line of Fire (1993) might be his best Hollywood effort. He continued on the huge scale blockbuster, with uneven results, from Air Force One to The Perfect Storm, Outbreak, Troy, and the crap remake of Poseidon (2006). His last film was back in Germany ten years later, the heist comedy Vier Gegen die Bank, which I havent seen or even heard of before writing this.

Wolfgang Petersen was 81 when he died in Hollywood, on August 12th 2022. 

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