miercuri, 19 aprilie 2023

Cannes 76-Le Poster

 Côte d’Azur, June 1, 1968.

Actress Catherine Deneuve is standing on Pampelonne beach, near Saint-Tropez, for the shooting of La Chamade by Alain Cavalier, adapted from the novel by Françoise Sagan. She plays Lucile, who leads a worldly and superficial life, tinged with ease and a taste for luxury. Her heart beats frantically, hurriedly, passionately. Like the heart of cinema that the Festival de Cannes celebrates every year: its lively and embodied pulse can be heard everywhere. The heart of the 7th Art - of its artists, professionals, amateurs, press - beats like a drum, to the rhythm of the urgency that its eternal nature imposes.  

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