vineri, 21 noiembrie 2008

Chinese Democracy (finally !!!)

pe 23 noiembrie (will it rain????) albumul care a stat cel mai mult in productie din istoria muzicii (yep, nu numai rock, pop, are si Axl un record ! totodata cel mai scump), intra in magazine ! In US prin wal-mart. la noi in dec prin Universal Ro, o sa fie special pt Ro cu 30 lei (29.9 2 b precise)
din mai multe puncte de vedere, albumul anului ! Yep, white trash rose, the Mickey Rourke of Hard & Heavy finlly did it !!! 15 years and more than the same amount of million bucks, he gives you & me the democracy chinks still don't have !!!

dupa enshpe downloaduri lista e completa,

01. Chinese Democracy
02. Shackler's Revenge
03. Better
04. Street Of Dreams (Fans know of this previously as being 'The Blues')
05. If The World (on Body of Lies end credits)
06. There Was A Time
07. Catcher N' The Rye
08. Scraped
09. Riad N' The Bedouins
10. Sorry
11. I.R.S.
12. Madagascar
13. This I Love
14. Prostitute

gone: Silkworms
gone: Oh MY God (din soundtrackul la End of Days, 1999, prima piesa GnR in 5 ani atunci)
gone: Crash Diet !
times have changed, obnoxious rasta Axl had become the underdog,
check the lyrics of "Prostitute":
It Seems Like Forever, And A Day,
If My Intentions were Misunderstood,
Please Be Kind, I've Done All I Should...
I Wont Ask, Of You, What I Would not Do..."

reskept !!!

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