miercuri, 8 iulie 2009

Public Enemies rules !!!

dont miss Michael Mann flawed but nevertheless masterful Dillinger vs FBI account, Public Enemies, definetly the most stylish movie of the year ! And a great score by Elliot Goldenthal, reminsiscent of Heat, actually the film in itself could be called Heat in the 30's, or "30's HEAT", with Johnny Depp as De Niro and Christian Bale as Pacino !
But see it in DIGITAL !!!!! otherwise you'll miss the intentions of cinematography, breakthrough for such a huge budget (evil voices dubbed it as "untouchables with a camcorder"). Great period songs and retellings, from Diana Krall's Bye Bye Blackbird to the fantastic Ottis Taylor song Ten Million Slaves which is featured in all trailers...(this is the second movie after Shooter)theat features Ottis Taylor's songs-in fact Nasty Letter from Shooter is also in Public Enemies soundtrack !

Great side performances, incredible set design and location authenticity (although not factual) and one epic running time (140 min.) which i'm sure was cutdown from a longer version to be seen on a director's cut DVD (more of James Russo would've been cool)!
trailer here
4 1 /2 out of five, 9 out of ten

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