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Bluebeard (1972)

"It’s absurd,It’s ridiculous."
Baron von Sepper

"I've done the most awful rubbish in order to have somewhere to go in the morning. Of course, if you're going to make rubbish, you try to be the best rubbish in it." (Richard BURTON)
1972 - France / Italy / West Germany / Hungary
Directed By: Edward Dmytryk.
cu: Richard Burton (von Sepper), Joey Heatherton, Raquel Welch, Virna Lisi, Nathalie Delon, Marilu Tolo, Agostina Belli, Sybil Danning, Karin Schubert, Edward Meeks, Jean Lefebre.

da, Burton is Bluebeard, acum ca am luat si Edgar Ulmer-ul cu John Carradine (din 1944), am decis sa revad acest masterpiss care aduce a giallo si coloristic si stilistic.

n-are nici o legatura cu basmul original de Charles Perrault, decit ca Burton are barba pictata bleu
-crucile naziste ca in the wall, filmul seamana si cu Just a Gigolo-si mai sunt piesele, cele mai tari femei din epoca, eu as face un remake
-produs de Salkynds (Ilya, si Pierre Spengler care inca mai activeaza), care apoi au ajuns respectabili si infami pt actorii pe crae i-au platit numai odata pt mai multe filme (Cei trei muschetari, Superman)
am vazut filmul la video la vecinul Cocanul pe vremea vulturului in Horia, color de la un arab care avea centru video, cred, pentru ca de acolo am mai vazut citeva gem-uri, 99, 44 % death, sau Once upon a time in the West si Pantera roz. Cred ca era prin 86/87 ca mi-amintesc ca m-a impresionat si era color. Am simitit explotation-ul la maxim, da era cu Burton din perioada Medusa Touch si Absolution si abia il vazusem in Wagner inainte sa moara (1984)

-Dar cel mai nashpa si nesuferit lucru e Joey Heatherton, care pare ca Doris Day printe femelle fatale europene, Sybil Danning, Karin Schubert, mega-foxy Raquel Welch care joaca o calaugaritza nimfomana.
-Imi aduce aminte partial de filmul cu Casanova cu Tony Curtis, care era un alt prilej de euro-trashereala ca sa se dezbace caprioarele vremii (se zicea, sa-si arate nurii)
-dincolo de Freudism, si pozele Rorsach-iene mai avem hitchcockienele referinte, Psycho si The BIRDS.
mai bun ca un AIP Corman Poe insa.
-Unul din nazisti care juca la greu...nazisti in epoca, are buze groase si e horny
il cheama Karl Otto-Alberty si inca mai traieste (a mai jucat cu Burton in alta campondompera, Raid to Rommel).
-Burton cica l-ar fi imitat pe Vincent Price…in Theater of Blood and such…mi-a facut pofta sa revad Baron Blood al lui Bava cu Joseph Cotten…
-Filmat in Ungaria, unde Burton a dat o petrecere pt Liz (40 de ani, v. mai jos), cum ungurii nu mai vazusera, intr-un castel real, nu stiu daca e acelasi ca cel din film
-cea mai shocking stuff e scena vinatorii care are loc pe bune, no Humane association, o gramada de animale sunt impuscate live...

Roger Ebert in 1972:
There is no longer any novelty in watching the sad disintegration of Richard Burton's acting career.

Bad Movie NIGHT
thee contents of "Bluebeard" include: a bunch of beautiful girls, often baring their breasts (including Joey Heatherton), lesbian sex, a decapitation, animal cruelty, sadism, Jell-O, deaths by chandelier, birds and suffocation in a coffin and Raquel Welch as a randy nun. All from the director of "The Caine Mutiny" and "Raintree County", Edward Dmytryk. With all this stuff going for it, "Bluebeard" is, for the most part, flat, drab and worthy of lots of ridicule.
good review with giallo references

muzica lui Ennio Morricone seamana cu ce a ciordit Zimmer in Sherlock Holmes plus din 7 percent solution,
The films unique visual flavour is also buoyed to a degree by a typically well appropriated score from the great Ennio Morricone, which while hardly amongst the famed composers best cinematic compositions is certainly amongst his most eclectic.
The mono sound is also crisp and clear, enriched by a very unusual score by the great Ennio Morricone that shadows Harry Robinson's score for COUNTESS DRACULA (1971).

Anchor Bay dvd:
There's a great menu that shows Burton playing an organ amongst candles and smoke; when you enter your selection, a falcon sweeps across the screen!

Double bill cu Villain care este just bad sau boring

am gasit un comment interesant care chiar daca e fake e engrossing:
I have to place this on record. While in Budapest (Easter 1972) a Swiss friend and I stumbled (literally!) on a film crew who were filming in the restaurant where we hoped to dine. As we stood there wondering where to go next, we were aproached by a very ordinary-looking guy dressed in a white shirt and grey slacks. He very kindly asked if he could help us. Unbelievably,we realised immediately that our helper was Richard Burton himself. Absolutely sober and incredibly friendly. He told us he was filming "Bluebeard" and took us on a tour of the trailers occupied by some of the other actors. He introduced me to Nathalie Delon as his " first cousin", he being Welsh and me Irish! So, Richard Burton, a terrific human being and wonderfully down-to-earth. And, if he did have a drink or two in Budapest, well, wasn't he entitled? As well as his "Bluebeard" project he was celebrating Liz's 40'th birthday

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