duminică, 3 octombrie 2010

trupa (si piesa) zilei (3.10.10): Nanowar of Steel

intru pe blog la Ticke si ma surprinde un disc nou,
si o trupa fantsamagorica, de tipul Dread Zeppelin sau Spinal Tap, italienii (napoletani) de la Nanowar of Steel, care se prezinta singuri:
"Other bands play, Nanowar gay "!

NanowaR is the TRUEST metal band in the known universe. No heavy true metal band can be as heavy true and metal as Nanowar is. Even though propaganda states that Nanowar started their activity in 2003, many archeologists claim to have found undeniable proofs of Nanowar's existence dating back to 2003 B.C., when Ozzy was only three years old. Nanowar is the only EPIC - POWER - TRUE METAL band who actually killed a dragon. That's for real ! It happened in the Gargalord Ancient Valley a couple of weeks ago.
sunt sigur ca sunt un spin in coasta sau anusul lui Joey Di Maio und Manowar...
dar parodiaza cu succes si trupe ca Metallica (Master of Pizza), Iron maiden, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, Queen, etc...
autorii epicelor: Trycicles of Steel, Triumphant March of the Nano-Warrior (cu versuri precum: TRIUMPHANT MARCH OF THE NANOWARRIOR GOING TO HI GRANMA LIVING ON THE HILLS!!!TRIUMPHANT MARCH OF THE NANOWARRIOR CROSSING THE PATH THROUGH THE FOREST OF STEEL!!!, Odino and Valhalla, To Kill The Dragon You Need A Sword (T.K.T.D.W.A.S. aah...put it in your ass), da sunt o trupa cam homo-fobica...dar Other bands play, Nanowar gay...

trupa e: Uinona Raider - Drums
Mohammed Abdul - Guitars, Choirs
Potowotominimak - Vocals, Orals
Gatto Panceri 666 - Bass, Choirs
Mister Baffo - Vocals, Stage Dance

sunt geni(t)ali
dovada piesa epica: Power Of The Power (Of The Great Sword)

album nou:
Into Gay Pride Ride (se poate downolada FrEE aici)
ar trebui adusi la Silver Church, au cintat peste tot in zona, Sofia, Zagreb, why not Bucharest..
thx, Attila ! :-) enlaughtened my evening !

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