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Oliver Stone Masterclass

Materclass Oliver Stone la festivalul de la Karlovy Vary (KVIFF 48). Despre conditia scenaristului, filmele sale, proiecte (masacrul de la My Lai, documentarul The Untold History of the US), etc.
Despre muzica de film, la filmele sale, colaborarea (dificila) cu Ennio Morricone (la U Turn), Georges Delerue, Vangelis si concedierea lui Jerry Goldmith, de la minutul 40 in clip.
Un rezumat cu cel mai interesante lucruri pe indiewire aici
via Kenny pe FB

despre SCARFACE (1983), care s-a proiectat la festival, dixit Stone (min.26 din clip):
"Scarface" celebrates the gangster ethic: an immigrant who comes to the country and has a ferocious dedication to his vision of the American dream, and he's gonna make it. And the way that you make it in Miami or anywhere in America -- the immigrant way -- is generally illegal. And you do it the faster way. And that's the way he justifies it. But, I would say this about the film, if you look at it closely, is when he gets to the top, he's offered a deal by the U.S. government types to kill a political figure in South America. […] He's told to kill him, and he's about to kill him, but he pulls away because he sees that his innocent child and wife will also be bombed as well, so he calls off the assassination, which results in his downfall. So in spite of being a gangster, he does have a residual integrity.

more on Scarface, interviu de 36 de minute cu Brian De Palma, Al Pacino si Oliver Stone aici si un BTS din 1983 (Aniversarea de 30 de ani de Scarface e anul acesta, pe 9 decembrie)

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