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Expendables 3

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The grumpy factor of The Expendables 3 has just undergone a net change of zero. Sylvester Stallone tweeted earlier today that Bruce Willis is out of the film, but Harrison Ford is now in. It’s unclear if Ford will be playing Willis’ character from the previous two films or if he’ll be given a new character, but Stallone noted that he has “been waiting years for this” re: working with Ford. Stallone followed the news up with a tweet that appears to be aimed squarely at Willis: “GREEDY AND LAZY ….. A SURE FORMULA FOR CAREER FAILURE.” Red Hill director Patrick Hughes is poised to direct the sequel with a cast that includes Jackie Chan, Nicolas Cage, Wesley Snipes, Kellan Lutz, and Milla Jovovich, and we should hear more casting news in the coming weeks. Rumors have swirled that Mel Gibson will be playing the villain, but we have thus far received no confirmation on that front. [Update: The Wrap's Jeff Sneider confirms Ford will play a new character and is not a direct replacement for Willis.] Production on Expendables 3 should begin later this year or early next year, as the film is slated for release on August 15, 2014.

singura mea speranta, sa fie cit de cit mai ok filmul decit duda de dinainte, Expendables a dezamagit, poate cu un regizor ca John Woo sau John McTiernan sa se fi facut ceva. Simon West e un hack si 2-ul a fost rizibil, mai ales cu settingul bulgaresc, in pofida unui JCVD ok, unei glumite cu Chuck Norris si prezenata grotesca a lui govn' Schwarzie "i'll be back". Also no Mickey Rourke. E ca o conventie de fosti care dau autografe pe 5 dolari fi ceva mai bun. Probabil Willis prefea o franciza cu actori mai seriosi, cum e RED, un alt sellout. Sa nu vorbim de Die Hard 5 adica A Good Day to Die Hard, ca pina si Expendables 2 e parfum fata de acesta. Sa ne amintim de vremurile dinainte, de Wild Geese, de Lupii marilor ? Sau de Space Cowboys ? Am in schimb ceva incredere in regizorul lui Red Hill, australianul Patrick Hughes. The aging action hero can not surrender, he can only die with his boots ON !!!
or off..
dupa ce m vazut filmul, care e jalllleeeee (jeleo)
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