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Leslie West -Soundcheck

Aparut pe 20 noiembrie 2015, albumul nr. 16 al lui Leslie West, plin de guests (Brian May, Peter Frampton si Jack Bruce-from the other side !) and covers, album-eveniment. Leslie West a implinit 70 de ani pe 22 noiembrie ! 11 piese ! Unul din albumele cele mai cool ale anului si unul din cei mai cool chitaristi old scool ALIVE (si intr-un singur picior :( !
din recenzie:
“Left by the Roadside” gives us some gutsy vocals and nicely done acoustic resonator slide guitar as an intro before breaking into the big electric sound. West demonstrates the massive guitar sound he made famous in his Mountain Days on the solos here.
“Give Me One Reason” gets a gritty makeover with West growling out the lyrics and playing a guitar lead and solos with real bite. He turns the Tracy Chapman from a somewhat sedate classic into a big rock song.
“Here by the Party” is a typical 70’s rock anthem that West goes over the top in his exuberant way.
“You Are My Sunshine” gets shifted to a minor key and the tempo gets slowed way down to turn it into a blues song. Interesting take with Peter Frampton sharing the guitar work as West takes the slide side.
“Empty Promises/Nothin’Sacred” is something west calls his tribute to AC/DC. I think little else is needed here to describe that!
“A Stern Warning” is a solo acoustic piece and refers to Howard Stern. Stern apparently called West one day to ask the meaning of the Mountain Song “To My Friend,” a song that West paid tribute to Felix Papallardi after he was given a 12 string guitar by Felix. West pays tribute to his friend Howard here.
Curtis Mayfield’s “People Get Ready” gets made over with lots of laid-over guitar riffs and completely Westiified.
Queen’s Brian May appears on “Goin’ Down” along with Bonnie Bramlett, Max Middleton, David Hood, and Bobby Whitlock. West starts with the guitar lead and May finishes it here on this cut. West intentionally states he had Middleton reprise his intro from the song that he did on The Jeff Beck Group album.
“Stand By Me” pays tribute to Ben E. King who passed in April. Arielle Pizza adds here vocals to Wests’; she’s a 16 year old with great chops!
West’s bass player Rev Jones is featured on “Eleanor Rigby,” it is a staple on West’s tour and Leslie made sure he included it here.
“Spoonful” concludes the set, done live in 1988 with Jack Bruce and originally from their album Theme. West edited it down and pays tribute to Bruce (who also recently passed) by including it here

Interviu cu West in Blues Blast Magazine aici
Thx, Radu :)

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