miercuri, 26 aprilie 2017

Jonathan Demme RIP

The Silence of the Lambs: Joanthan Demme is no more :(
73 years old -cancer-seemed younger, a man who started directing for Roger Corman (still alive at 90 !) -Caged Heat -1974, Crazy Mama-1975-and then went to Oscar respect with Philadelphia.
My faved flicks of his: Last Embrace, The Manchurian Candidate, Something Wild, Melvin and Howard and surely LAMBS (Oscar for best director in 1992).
Directed rockumentaries, Stop Making Sense -Talking Heads, Heart of Gold-Neil Young,. so forth.
Lasst film, Ricki and the Flash, in 2015.
His nephew, director Ted Demme  (Blow, The Ref) died in 2002 at 38 !

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