luni, 1 mai 2017

Replace (2017)

A new body horror in 1st film from German director Norbert Keil is my 1st movie at BIFFF 35 *(in competition}, a stylish dramatic viral love story about reversal aging. Richard Stanley (Hardwire, Dust Devil) contributes to creepy, slick script. Rebecca Forsythe is in the lead role, an amnesiac with a recurring mummyskinlike eczema that can be cured by new fresh skin and flesh.

Shades of Repulsion, Croneberg themes, N W Refn's Neon Demon, The Hunger,  photographic inspiration from Dario Argento by dop Tim Kuhn with a very low budget, atmospheric music reminiscent of John Carpenter's The Thing, Halloween, plus stylish piano works a la Hunger, Satie's Gimnosfere and Chopin.  Veteran horror queen Barbara Crampton (Re-animator)  is  the supporting evil doctor Croven. 
3 1/2
*hope you'll get to see this ins Dracula Film Festival Competition this fall in Brasov, Transylvania

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