vineri, 4 august 2017

Sam Shepard RIP

as col. Garrison in Black Hawk Dawn (2001).
Sam Shepard -gone on July 27th. 73 years old. The writer of Paris Texas, Fool for Love and other indie drama plays. Debut in Bob Dylan's Renaldo and Clara, which he co-wrote (1978).
Last great part: Blackthorn -2011. Last great bit part: Cold in July -2014.
Don't Come Knockin' (as i was talking about this 2005 Wenders film he also wrote in relation with Can't You Hear Me Knocking, the Rolling Stones song from 1971), this so/so song written by U2

Cold in July. Paulo Villagio, Martin Landau, George A. Romero, Elsa Martinelli, Claude Rich, Chester Bennington, John Heard, Jeanne Moreau, Shepard. Too cold. July Mourning.

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