joi, 1 martie 2018

Phantom Thread

With Phantom Thread Paul Thomas Anderson gave us a masterpiece ! A poisoned fairy tale, a technicolor noir, a sickest but shattering love story, a real cinematic phantom thread ("never cursed ";).  Wow !

From the opening lettering form, it looks like it's made especially for the lovers of grand cinema (all the Hitchcok references-Rebecca, Vertigo, Suspicion-plus Pygmalion, Powell & Pressburger), of course we can't see it in 70 mm as projected but still, do yourself  favor and see it in the cinema !
The technicolor and the shades of lights and colors (Paul Thomas Anderson served also as a DOP) and Jonny Greenwood's music (his fourth score for PTA) , now all symphonic and strings and wall to wall on the film, raising the emotional level, plus a brilliant sound design-very important for Woodcock's world and lets'not even talk about the costume and set design.
Phantom Thread Soundtrack

Plus the triangle acting of Daniel Day Lewis-Reynolds Woodcock, Luxemburg revelation Vicky Krieps-Alma, and Leslie Manville as the big sister Cyril.
6 Oscar nominations and still it won't be PTA's time (same as in 2007's There Will Be Blood, his best film, this being close to second to me), especially I liked Greenwood's score over that of Desplat.
Here's the list of songs (unrelated to the score), PTA's mixtape he encourages you to listen before seeing the film (and after :)
and here's the VA from the soundtrack, from Oscar Peterson & Nelson Riddle, to Berlioz  !
I think Kubrick would've loved this film !
Dedicated to Jonathan Demme !
10 out of 10 !  5 out of 5 !
PTA masterclass at the French Cinemateque !

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  1. Cinema One Coresi strikes again.Dupa ce n-au adus Happy End-ul lui Haneke,n-au adus nici Phantom Thread.Iar la You Were Never Really Here au bagat un singur spectacol pe zi,de la 23:15.Nice job fellas..

  2. Stiu. Happy end l-am dat la cinemateca, You Were Never Really merita vazut in sala. Phantom Thread la fel, dar nu va rula la Brasov. In viitor la cinemateca.

  3. |Phantom Thread simbata 23 martie 2019 ora 19.00 la Cinemateca Patria