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Cannes 71: The House That Jack Built

or The House That Lars built \;0
Lars Von Trier is back on the Croisette with The House That Jack Built -another outrageous, cynical, radical, sardonic flick.
Also meta & auto-referential.
and epic (2h35)
should ve been in Competion imo.
but Festival people hated it, or is it the LVT ban (7 years since Melancholia) and nazi touch ?
see here 
tho i guess Genre people will love it. As it's narcissistic and nihillistic  and grand guignol and revolting, parfois operatic, parfois punk.
For many years I’ve made films about good women, now I did a film about an evil man."
Lars von Trier in The House That Jack Built (2018)
Matt Dillon is brilliant as Jack, career peak/best, and Bruno Ganz's voice can be heard from the dark for a long while until a moment when he appeaes himself. He is Verge aka Virgil, Jack's guide to Inferno (via the Wings of Desire by Wenders ?) and Matt Dillon really looks like Dante in the end, dressed in purple red. But he seeks not Baetrice but the essential pure art,l which of course he obtained by killing...he is an engineur who wants to be an architect and like Creasy:) his masterpice is death, or- deaths. many horrible deaths.
some references could be cultish-Non si sevizia un paperino ??? literally, 
some 2 pretentious-Gustave Dore, the Elysian fields, many paintings, art, liked the Sauternes analogy :) a lot of cultural holocaust anyway to be digested (or indigested moreso).
 sound design (bombastic) and soundtrack:
Sardonic Fame song by Bowie fills the air and space from time 2 time. But most importantly you'll never hear Hit the Road Jack the same way again ;)
(work in progress :)
The House That Jack Built (2018)

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