duminică, 17 ianuarie 2021

RIP Phil Spector

Phil Spector, the (im)famous producer, creator of the Wall of Sound and assassin of the actress Lana Clarkston (Scarface) died on Jan. 16 2021 of complications of Covid 19, while in prison. He was 81. Spector was one of the most revolutionary music producers of the sixties creating a new, more sophisticated sound to basic rockn roll and rn B songs, starting with To Know Him is to Love Him, his first hit with The Teddy Bears band, the only group in which he also played. He worked with The Ronnettes, marrying (and terryfying) his then wife Ronnie Spector pulled a gun on John Lennon whose albums he produced, .He produced most famously LET T BE, Beatles' last album, and John and Yoko's work, George Harrison, Leronard Cohen (Death of a Ladies Man).MWas an influence on Brian Wilson and worked even with The Ramones (The End of a Century, 1980).  Played by Al Pacino in the HBO movie by David Mamet, Phil Spector (2013). 


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