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Top Series of 2020

 After my Top of Films of 2020 here it is, the top of the series ! and FYI here's the top of the albums of the year 2020 !

1. Fargo season IV  (F/X)

better than the third season, this ganster story set in 1950 Kansas city has also an outlansish black and white surreal episode. Chris Rock is great as the black mob boss, Jack Huston brilliant as the compulsive detective, and the Italians are all a highlight. 

2. Raised by Wolves (HBOMax)

Ridley and Jake Scott direct and produce this classy (& classic) SF created by Aaron Guzikowski, shot in South Africa, with a lot of links to Promoetheus, Blade Runner and Alien series. 

3. The Mandalorian season 2 (Disney+)

Season 2 of The Mandalorian created by Jon Favreau is even better than the first one and brings it closer into the Star Wars  universe. Baby Yoda gets a name, the bounty hunter gets to show his face, and more surprises in this well serialised 8 episodes season.

and in no particular order, up to Ten:

Hollywood (Netflix)

Ian Brennan & Ryan Murphy reinvent Hollywood tales and destinies in the late forties. Revisionist limited miniseries, 7 eps. Trash and LBGB oriented but yeah, Hollywood...

The Boys season 2 (Amazon), not as much fun a season one tho. The Hitler / Goebbels refereences, kudos. 

Devs (F/X Hulu)

Alex Garland's intelligent SF AI Tech marred by budget constraints. 

The Third Day (HBO) 

-six eps miniseries with a great Jude Law, Wicker Man type of thriller, loses breath and grip after ep.3

Truth Seekers (Amazon)

Nick Frost & Simon Pegg supernatural /horror/apocalypse/conspiracy. spoof pomedy series was (too) minor fun, with a great Malcolm Mc Dowell in it. 8 1/2 hr. episodes.

Third season of Norsemen (Netflix), weaker then season one and two but still Monty Python deadpan anachronic nihilistic & sarcastic Northen humour fun. 

saw also:

Freud (Netflix), okeish cheesy Euro trash thriller. kinda guilty pleasure, and what The Alienist should've been. Gave up on that one on season 2, I guess they changed its title too, 

Very disaponted on the Penny Dreadful-City of Angles, witches del muerte, nazis and BS.

caught-up with Call my Agent ! (Dix Pour Cent) on netflix, the French comedy series, good fun, smart. Season 4 is out in France (Oct. 2020), I hope soon also on the Nflix.


!!!-in the process of watching 30 Monedas (Alex de la Iglesia, HBO Europe) and the new version of  Stephen King'sTHE STAND. 

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