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Top Films of 2020

It's gonna be in English tho. In 2020 I saw films worth mantioning in theaters (Tenet, Colectiv, Pinoochio), watched a lot of Netflix lucky batch of art films product but mostly It was a re-watch and catch-up pf old movies. managed to count (adding series) 370 films. Not so much, I think. so here we go, a TOP 12 adding one mini-series I Know This Much Is True-tough one- but basically a six-hour long film: "
The Top of 2020 series is here ! And the Top of the albums of the Year !

1. "Mank" (Netflix) David Fincher movie of the year !!!
“Uncut Gems” (Netflix) the Safdie Brothers , technically out in December 2019

 “Another Round” Thomas Vinterberg 

 "Tenet" (Warner Bros.) Christopher Nolan -my review here

 “The Painted Bird” Vaclav Marhoul (technically out in 2029) based on the controversial Jerzy Kosinski novel 

 "Pinocchio" Mateo Garrone 

 “I'm Thinking of Ending Things” (Netflix) Charlie Kaufman 

 “Babyteeth” Shannon Murphy

“The Hater” (Netflix) Jan Komasa 

 "Palm Springs" (Hulu/Neon) Max Barbakow -also comedy of the year, sorry Bill and Tedd Face the Music 

 "Da 5 Bloods" (Netflix) Spike Lee 

 “I know This Much Is True” Derek Cianfrance 
HBO mini-series, but like e six-hour movie with special points for Mark Ruffalo-actor of the year, together with Gary Oldman, Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems and Mads Mikkelsen 

Waiting for the Barbarians, Ciro Guerra's adaptation of J.M. Coetzee's Nobel awarded novel,  flawed but a different breed of film, The Trail of Chicago Seven, The Comey Rule with a great Jeff Daniels and Russian SF/horror Sputnik. 

"Soul" (Pixar) Pete Docter & Kemp Powers 

“Zappa” (Alex Winter) 
“Belushi” (R.J. Cutler, Showtime)
 “Colectiv” (Alexandru Nanau, also filmul romanesc al anului 2020) -my review here

 Concert Film of the Year
“American Utopia” (HBO, David Byrne's concert of the album named the same) Spike Lee

2 comentarii:

  1. La multi ani!

    370 films - not so much.Whaaaaat???
    Zici ca ai vazut Pinocchio la cinema.Where?
    Unde e Wonder Woman 84? Just kidding:)

    Ai vazut filmul Let Him Go,cu Kevin Costner?
    The Wolf of Snow Hollow,ultimul rol al lui Robert Forster.

  2. La multi ani !
    Pincochio pe ecranul din piata mare de le cluj la tiff, cadou de ziua mea :).
    Am vazut si LHGo si TWOSH. Mih. acu sa vad Nomadland, si sa public si topurile de seriale si albume. S-auzim de bine si sa vedem Bond 25 la cinema :) Si sa fie si bun ;)