miercuri, 25 august 2021

RIP Charlie Watts

 The end of an era is now, if it was not signaled before 

its an end of an era imo cos i dont think this show will go on and must go on

in my opinion it will go in shatters (tatters), I am :(

but as cynical as the stones enterprise is, it will go on for a while....

anyhu, Gentleman Charlie, sleep well  you kept these guys together as long as you could

marți, 17 august 2021

Neidentificat (Unidentified) -cronica mea

 Am scris pentru revista Golan despre Neidentificat -un film romamesc ALTFEL pe care puteti sa il vedeti in cinematografe  acum. 

Update: Neidentificat va fi prezentat la Brasov intr-o proiectie unica in Piata Sfatului !!! duminica seara, 22 august in cadrul Caravanei TIFF Unlimited ! 



miercuri, 4 august 2021


 TIFFul a facut 20 de ani si am fost la Cluj sa il sarbatoresc. 

Am scris pentru revista Golan si intreaga poveste o gasiti aici 



La multi ani TIFF !