miercuri, 27 mai 2020

Curtis Salgado - Live from Home @Transilvania Blues Nights

Curtis Salgado - Live from Home @Transilvania Blues Nights JOI 28 mai, ora 21 EET !

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Seria "Live From Home!" continuă cu un oaspete de marcă: Curtis Salgado revine la Transilvania Blues Nights în direct din Portland, USA cu o serie de cântece inedite, în format acustic! Ulterior vom difuza înregistrarea concertului susținut de Curtis Salgado pe scena din Rockstadt pe data de 14.11.2019!
The ”Live from Home!” series continues with the one and only Curtis Salgado, live for a chat am some songs from Portland, USA! Subsequently we will broadcast the recording of the Curtis Salgado concert on the 14.11.2019 at the Rockstadt club in Brasov / Romania!
Sponsori: Butangas, Miele Shop Brasov, BCR, Tehnic Mihor S.R.L.

Parteneri: Brahouse Imob., Velvet Winery
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un interviu cu Curtis Salgado, facut la concertul de la Brasov de Radu Lupascu in Arta Sunetelor aici !

joi, 21 mai 2020

Memories from Cannes in the year we Cannes Not !!!

Can we Cannes ? No Cannes Not, but yes Cannes !
Am fost nominlizat de Voodoo Films, cei care fac si festivalul Les Films de Cannes a Bucharest sa vobesc la radio despre experienta mea canneza,-15 ani no less :)
Asa ca am vorbit cu Mihaela Dedeoglu la emisunea ei ZEBRA pe RFI, intregul podcat aici, despre filmele romanesti in special.
sau link direct:
                                                         Mais ou sont les Cannes d'antan :( ?

marți, 19 mai 2020

The Cinelli Brothers - Live from Home @Transilvania Blues Nights

Prietenii nostri, The Cinelli Brothers vin joi 21 mai la Live from Home@Transilvania Blues Nights./
Our friends, The Cinelli Bothers come to Live from Home@Transilvania Blues Nights.  Thursday May 21st.
Concertul care va urma a avut loc pe 24 noiembrie 2018 la clubul Rockstadt din Brasov, primul lor concert in Romania.
Detalii de atunci, aici. 
The concert following this was recorded on November 24th 2018 at Rockstadt Club in Brasov, their 1st Romanian Gig.
    Marco Cinelli, chitara si voce, Marco Cinelli la tobe si voce, la bass, Enzo Strano, la muzicuta si voce, mr. Giles Robson !
event facebook aici !
Sponsori: Butangas, Miele Shop Brasov, BCR, Tehnic Mihor S.R.L.
Parteneri: Brahouse Imob., Velvet Winery
B. there :) and Let There be Blues !
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pe youtube direct aici de la ora 21.00
all the gig & event on youtube on the
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luni, 18 mai 2020

RIP MIchel Piccoli

Întotdeauna in timpul festivalului de la Cannes murea cineva important din cinema, si de obicei (si din muzica in mod particular, de exemplu acum 10 ani Ronnie James Dio, azi Lucky Peterson...). Anul acesta festivalul nu se ține :(, dar ne gindim cu totii la el.
Azi 18 mai s-a dus si Michel Piccoli , unul din reprezentantii de baza ai Institutiei cinema-ului francez deci s-ar fi facut un eveniment cannez imediat. Piccoli avea 94 de ani,  a jucat in peste 200 de filme, premiat ca cel mai bun actor la Cannes pentru Salto nel vuoto al lui Marco Bellochio, in 1980. Monsieur Cinema in Cele 1001 de nopti de cinema ale Agnes-ei Varda. Primul rol important, in 1963 in Le Mepris/Dispretul lui Jean_Luc Godard, care a  fost afisul Festivalului de la Cannes acum 4 ani (2016, editia 69 ). A lucrat predilect cu Marco Ferreri (Marea crapelnita, Ultima femeie, Dillinger e mort, Na atingeti femeia alba!) si cu Luis Bunuel, (Belle de jour, Farmecul discret al burgheziei, Fantoma libertatii),. Popas la Hitchcock (Topaz), grand camp (Danger:Diabolik).

US Cinema marquees during CH 19

and now for something completly diffrent....

vineri, 15 mai 2020

South of Heaven, West of Hell (2000)

A one-off, totally lost in the woods of movieland, and seeing it after 20 years after its release, with fear and anguish :), and wow, I've been mesmerised. An anti-western, or Revisionist western, that today is a genre of its own, and brought us the most nihilistic movies I fave but nobody gave a damn, at least box office wise, and mostly the critics spat on it. This one was called a shit sandwich and worse. Now really, have you seen Straight to Hell with The Clash and 'em acolytes, so that was fun and this is hell ? C'mon folks..
South of Heaven, West of Hell (2000) movie poster
.Welcome to South of Heaven , that equals Hell.  As if the pun was not enough the day-bread title goes on- West of Hell ! Texas border, that is !
It's the only film country legend singer (and part time actor) Dwight Yoakam wrote (co-wrote), produced and directed. And he was the lead, which might be the main problem, cos he ain't neither Steve McQueen, neither Kevin Costner. So, yeh, but what, this is his madness, ok ? He put all his money into his passion project, selling his Malibu house and later on declaring total bankrupcy...
The film happens on the day before Christmas 1907  in a village next to the Mexican border, where people can watch the first western, The Great Train Robbery, (from 1903, by Edwin Porter-maybe also a nod to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid's opening), and then goes into 1908 even closer to the border, in the line of it quite so (no walls  by then :). It's more like an alegory of death and living dead, in the vein of Pale Rider, High Planes Drifter anti-hero, who might or might not be alive/ dead.
Same in the genre- Dead Man, from which cult scene by the bonfire i think inspired this one ! These days a flick like The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robet Ford (see here my review with more about revisionist westerns) and most recently The Sisters Brothers can get away with anything, but the roots on this are more like Peckinpah's Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, Bring me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, more to The Missouri Breaks and Get South, Posse or The Great Norfield Minesotta Raid.  Remember it all goes down to McCabe and Mrs. Miller after all, and to the anarchy of now so-called punk western, aka the spaghetti western from late 60's (did I say nihilism, I wrote the word in the above paragraph).
Now lookie here at the cast: Bo Hopkins, Luke Askew, Peter Fonda, his daughter Bridget, Billy Bob,  (yes,Thornton, with a long blonde hair wig), Vince Vaughan as his baddiest !, Mr. Pee Wee aka Paul Rubens as Arvid, Bud Cort !,Joe Ely ! Matt Clark ! Scott Wilson ! Michael Jeter (a riot!!)  and vetran Noble Willingham in a part that is totally Jack Nance's David Lynch.  Actually Lynch's name has been more than mentioned in regards of this movie !
***and if that wasn't enough, one far out cameo-Warren Zevon, as mr. Babcock !!!, he's there for ten minutes and doesn't say a word, except on his exit, two words -2- nicht drei, zwei !!!, <Good Night !> Warren was already ill at the time, you can se it on his face, and I guess he's here because of Billy Bob (yes, Thornton), keep in mind this is one single shot for Warren in a feature film !!!
BTW- Dwight looks like Tom Petty...
South of Heaven, West of Hell by Dwight Yoakam (Album, Country ...
wiki page here
article in The Guardian about the financing of the film, and such kind of off-ones, here

The soundtrack- the piano on repeat reminds me of something, Zevon-like, or more like The Band
can't be rated, I've seen it from 1 to 10 on imdb, i think its a real curio an acquired taste,                     I'd give it an 8 tho, or rather a 7  that is a *** 1/2 !
Bravo Dwight Yoakam for trying, as I said above the man went totally bankrupt out of this and I guess he still suffers from it, maybe in between the south and west of somewhere, but hey, he did IT :D

luni, 11 mai 2020

Khalif Wailin' Walter- Live from Home@Transilvania Blues Nights

Khalif a cintat la Transilvania Blues la Rockstadt pe 20 decembrie 2020. Acum vine intr-un live from Home, direct de la el de acasa, urmat de concertul din decembrie, pe facebook si pe canalul nostru de youtube.
eventul FB click  aici !
Sponsori: Butangas, Miele Shop Brasov, BCR, Tehnic Mihor S.R.L.
Parteneri: Brahouse Imob., Velvet Winery

B. there :) and Let There be Blues !
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pe youtube direct aici de la ora 21.00

sâmbătă, 9 mai 2020

RIP Little Richard

I just saw The Girl Can't Help It by pure coincidence Friday night, more like Saturday in the a.m. and it just struck me as a freak coinidence. That I haven't seen Frank Tashlin's legendary film from 1956 'til now, where Little Richard plays the title track. One of his signature songs, as  “Tutti Frutti,” “Long Tall Sally,” and “Good Golly, Miss Molly.”  And then, a few hours later Little Richard is no more. He was 87 and rock an roll incarnate, we are left with only Jerry Lee Lewsi alive from that bastion of rock and roll forefathers and inventors. 
Little Richard

sâmbătă, 2 mai 2020

Dede Priest & Johnny Clark - Live from Home@Transilvania Blues Nights

Dede Priest & Johnny Clark's Outlaws au venit în luna februarie 2020 în premieră și exclusivitate în România la Transilvania Blues Nights! Ei revin live pe 7 mai, dar într-un cadru inedit! (v. fB) După seria de piese live, vom difuza în premieră concertul din 28.02.2020 de la Rockstadt!
Let There Be Blues!
Dede Priest & Johnny Clark's Outlaws played in February for the first time live in Romania for Transilvania Blues Nights! They return on the 7th of May, still live, but from home! After a series of live tracks we will premiere the recording of the 28.02.2020 concert in Rockstadt!
Let There Be Blues !
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