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Peter Fonda RIP

Mr. Easy Rider went for a last ride, ...:(
Peter Fonda was 79, Easy Rider is 50 this year, and he was in Cannes Classics and at Cinema de la Plage presenting it. It won here when it was presented back in 1969. Missed him by 10 minutes :(
My DVD has Dennis Hopper's autograph on it, the film is still the bastion of counter-culture...-
Peter Fonda, Hollywood royalty as the son of Henry, was against it !  He was  "Born to be Wild". Wyatt (from Earp ?) aka Captain America, who expresses the remains of the American Dream:
"We Blew it"...
Peter Fonda in Easy Rider (1969)
I 1st saw Peter as a kid in the sequel to Westword, Futureworld (1976, in Romania as Evadati din viitor), but later on I had the pleasure of seeing the essential Corman biker picure The Wild Angelas in The Trip, Race with the Devil, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, 92 in the Shade. Comeback with Ulee's Gold, Ocar nominated. The Limey, fun cameo bit on Escape from L.A., Mephistopheles in Ghost Rider
He directed The Hired Hand in 1971, a great and very little seen odd anti-western. He had a bit in The Last Movie, of his friend and sometimes fiend Dennis Hopper. His other friend was Warren Oates and they were in a lot of films together, and of course Jack Nicholson whose career was kickstarted by Easy Rider.

Brother of Hanoi Jane, father of Bridget. One of "the last of the only ones" ....

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  1. In anii '90 a fost o perioada cand la cinema Arta din Bv se proiectau pe ecranul de cinema filme de pe casete video.Acolo l-am vazut pe Peter Fonda in Killer Force aka The Diamond Mercenaries,cu Telly Savalas si Christopher Lee dublat in germana daca tin bine minte.Iar inainte sa inceapa filmele se proiectau niste scene cu nude girls dansand pe muzica.Azi pare halucinant,dar asa a fost.Inceputul anilor '90 in Ro chiar au fost un fel de Wild West..

  2. Salut, din pacate am ratat filmul dar sper sa catch0up :) este integral pe youtube )))))
    dar ma fascineaza un titlu precum Spasms, cu un sarpe urias, Peter F si Oliver Reed !!!

  3. He deserved so much better.Glad he eventually got Ulee's Gold.