joi, 26 mai 2022

RIP Ray Liotta

Ray Liotta was just 67 and ona good run/comeback trail. Last time i saw him in The Many Saints of Newark, the prequel to Sopranos. Also last year I saw again Goodfellas, a masterpiece, and his breakthrough role as Henry Hill.  He died in his sleep, in the Dominican republic, while shootomg a film there. RIP....

joi, 19 mai 2022

RIP Vangelis

Blade Runner, Chariots of Fire (got the Oscar for that, my dad favorurite soundtrack), 1492-Conquest of Paradise, Alexander...

Aphrodite's Child...

Vangelis Pappathanasiou was 79. RIP. Tears in the Rain...

my favourite album of his, with Yes' Jon Anderson, The Friends f Mr. Cairo (1981)

luni, 16 mai 2022

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022)

Are you happy? este întrebarea-cheie a noului Doctor Strange, care e mult peste primul film, care era povestea originii personajului. Poate că cei din film nu sunt happy, dar spectatorii au de ce să fie!

Restul cronicii la filmul-comeback al lui San Raimi si al lui Strange/Cumberbatch in revista Golan aici


sâmbătă, 14 mai 2022

RIP Fred Ward

Fred Ward. Great American Character Actor. He was Henry Miller in Henry and June, the first NC 17 film in American theaters. He was in The Player, Short Cuts, The Right Stuff, Remo Williams (The Adventure Begins, the title role, absolutely great, forgotten gem!), Miami Blues, Tremors and a ton other films. He had a face, a voice and an attitude, fit for misfits and anti-heroes, tough guys and bad guys, film noir and indie films. Last time I saw him in True Detective (season 2). He died on May 8th 2022. He was 79. 

Indiewire obituary here...

luni, 9 mai 2022

The Offer (2022)

50 years ago The Godfather was in cinemas after a long fight and a trpubled pre)  production.
Now Paramount+ made The Offer, a series about the making of the film, focusing on Albert Ruddy (Miles Teller), the producer in charge, Robert Evans (the chief of the studio, played wonderfully by Matthew Goode), Francis Coppola Dan Fogler) and Mario Puzo (Patrick Gallo), the author of the original book. It is a fascinating ride, in details (10 episodes, longer than the whole Godgather Saga:)), about the involvment of the Mob, Giovanni Ribisi is a mean Joe Colombo, the Gulf+Western factor, inside stories and of course, dramatic licences. Grand hyper Charles Bludhorn (the G+W fuhrer) is played with panache by Burn Gorman and his lapdog Barry Lepidus is a stonefaced Colin Hanks. Josh Zuckerman is Petyer Bart, 1st hand of Evens, later the chief editor of Variety trade. Juno Temple (llooking great, though I doubt her charcater wa sso influential in the real story), she reminded me a lot of Rosanna Arquette. Nora Arezender is Francoise Glazer, la boss de Chateau Marmont, and Al Ruddy's high maintenace mistress. 
Created by Michael Tolkien, the emerite author of The Player, with Leslie Greif.
`Leave the guns, take a canolli`

vineri, 6 mai 2022

Gopo XVI

 Am fost la Gala Gopo marti. A saisprezecea (16). Pentru mine nr.13, dar nu fu cu ghinion (pentru mine, again:)

Am scris articolul meu pentru revista Golan aici. Ziua cea mai lunga. Dca cititi vedeti si de ce.

Ma bucur tare ca Bogdan Farcas a luat premiul pentru cel mai bun actor pentru Neidentificat (aussi premiul de scenariu), e filmul meu romanesc preferat de anul trecut.  Cronica mea aici.

Despre Gala de anul trecut, numarul XV (15) am scris aici.