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Tangerine Dream in Spandau Zitadelle

da, inchisoarea unde a fost prizonier pe viata Rudolf Hess.
cea dinb Wild Geese 2 unde Edward Fox incearca sa-l elibereze ca-ntrun episod in serialul Mission: Impossible
ce am pus pe Youtube

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Hey daddyo wherever you are, happy B-day ! man! happy 90 !like on Indy:

Mutt Williams: You know, for an old man you ain't bad in a fight. What are you, like 80?
Indiana Jones: Thanks a lot.
Mutt Williams: What are you, like, 80?

ie si o Yoko Ono locala cu bratata galbena de VIP care enerva un bodyguard chel, si un Edgar Froese froezen sau mumified (desi avea palarie de Indy...sau Clint! ) , si o mie de zombi germani care schlfen sie gut, shi lasere, si o gagica la keyboards si tobe care credea ca e la Fleetwood Mac sau Abba sau la Disco Disco Good Good)

duminică, 30 august 2009

Un var din Salt Lake

un var de-al meu din Salt Lake City /Utah, s-a suparat pe m-ui-sthii de la Def Leppard
ceea ce imi aminteste de comentariile recente desptre Heavy Metal ale lui Joe Elliot, criticate in Uncut (scrisoarea lunii trecute), sword and dragons ?

An angry fan who was ejected from a recent Def Leppard show in Salt Lake City put on a pyrotechnics show of his own outside the Usana Amphitheater Aug. 25.

The man, who was reportedly intoxicated and spilling beer on other concertgoers, was kicked out of the show but sneaked back in, police told the Salt Lake Tribune.

After he was caught and thrown out a second time, the man proceeded to light a fire in a field near the shed, police said, burning a 30 foot by 50 foot patch in the grass.

comentariul final de pe pollstar e priceless:
He probably went home after the show and beat his wives.

memories of Pyromania probabil, check out Joe's face...

vineri, 28 august 2009

Cluny Brown (1946)

Nu vi se pare ciudat sa gasiti referinte cel putin ciudate, coincidente fantastice in viata sau in ceea ce vedeti, ce faceti ? Dupa ce toata ziua m-am gindit la profesorul Siletski din To Be or Not To Be (1942/Ernst Lubitsch, remake Mel Brooks 1983), la revizionarea Inglorius Basterds, am vazut ultimul film complet al lui Lubitsch, anume Cluny Brown din 1946. Cu Charles Boyer si Jennifer Jones. Si dau un check pe imdb si vad la Boyer, nu numai ca s-a nascut azi acum 110 ani, dar a murit acum 2 zile, cind am luat filmul, ok, acum 31 de ani.
date of Birth: 28 August 1899, Figeac, Lot, Midi-Pyrénées, France
Date of Death:26 August 1978,Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Took a fatal dose of barbiturates two days following his wife's death.

So what ? just odd , nici un motiv pentru mine sa vad filmul acum decit ca asa s-a intimplat. And what a movie ! Se vede singur ! Comedie spumoasa, dupa un roman al vremii, cu Boyer as a Czech con man irezistibil (escroc ceh) pe nume Adam Belinski (riff cu anteriorul Lubitsch To Be or Not To Be !), si Jennifer Jones sexy si cu gimmick de instalator, foarte woman lib pt vremea aceea si poante extrem de subtile sexuale, cu Peter Lawford in rol secundar (ca tot a murit Ted Kennedy)

Belinski: I know Hitler.

Sir Henry: Oh, yes, he's written a book, hasn't he?

Belinski: Yes.

Sir Henry: Big success, isn't it?

Belinski: Very big.

Sir Henry: Well, what else does he want? Why doesn't he lie down and keep quiet?

cronica excelenta franceza (titlul lor: La folle ingenue); aici
"Cluny Brown groupe une collection d’imbéciles à ravir Flaubert avec une rigueur presque "langienne" d’entomologiste hilare" diront Coursodon et Tavernier à propos de ce film dans 50 ans de cinéma américain

si un eseu en anglais pe senses of cinema:

extras pe dvd 20th Century Fox: trailer

4 1/2/5, sau 9/10
si remember: Squirrels to the nuts !

miercuri, 26 august 2009

Vai de Vai ?

Vai de Vai ? Nu mai mult vai de noi, care ne-am fi dus. Dupa cum aflu dintr-un sms, " e o tzeapa tipic romaneasca",

de pe situl lui Vai:
Sep 06 Brasov, ROMANIA Cerbul De Aur (Golden Stag) Festival

Details: Steve will accept a lifetime achievement award at the event, and will perform 2 songs only to backing tracks. He will NOT be appearing with a live band.

sau dupa Adevarul:
Recitalul chitaristului Steve Vai de la Festivalul Cerbul de Aur din Braşov, programat în seara zilei de 6 septembrie, va avea doar două piese, muzicianul urmând să cânte fără trupă, doar peste un negativ, la final fiindu-i decernat un premiu pentru întreaga carieră, informează site-ul său oficial.

acuma, o fi Steve (nascut pe 6.6.66) la noi pe 6.9.9. (aica tot un shase shase dar la romani, poarta-n casa), da cu playback si juma de ora intre Loredana si nustiucebroscarnumitTizian ! Rushine si mue Cerbul de kk !! dupa cum au spus si prietenii miei, "Nu, nu mai mergem!"

marți, 25 august 2009

Inglorious is OUT ! Basterds is IN !

aici o un poster pentru Inglourious Basterds de James Goodridge, ilustratie excelenta nefolosita de fratii Weinstein. E mai mult in stilul filmului lui Castellari si al anilor 70.

si iata posterul romanesc:

cu titlul final Ticalosi fara Glorie !
cu mixed reviews:

Movie Reviews: Inglourious Basterds
21 August 2009 1:16 PM, PDT

There is something about Quentin Tarantino's work that polarizes both his audiences in general and film critics in particular. Never was that fact more evident than it is with his latest film, Inglourious Basterds, in which Tarantino suggests that World War II could have ended far more quickly if the good guys had set aside such niceties as the Geneva Convention and had bashed a few German soldiers' heads with baseball bats and scalped them instead. Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun-Times calls it "a big, bold audacious war movie," and applauds: "For once, the basterds get what's coming to them." On the other hand, Roger Moore in the Orlando Sentinel argues that the movie tops every other World War II movie in "awfulness." Inglourious Basterds, he writes, "is slow, dumb -- and in a first for Qt in his cinema savant career -- incompetent." Manohla Dargis in the New York Times agrees. "Rarely has one of his movies felt as interminable as this one," she writes. On a positive note, she praises the performance of Austrian actor Christoph Waltz as Nazi Col. Hans Landa and says that the film represents another testament to Tarantino's love for films. "The problem is that by making the star attraction of his latest film a most delightful Nazi, one whose smooth talk is as lovingly presented as his murderous violence, Mr. Tarantino has polluted that love." Claudia Puig in USA Today, however, is among those heaping praise on the film. Tarantino's "tall tale, with its tense and jangly pacing," she writes, "is immediately riveting." On the other hand, Joanne Kaufman remarks in the Wall Street Journal that "nothing about the emotionally unmoored Inglourious Basterds adds up. Whether it's parody, farce or a fever dream is anyone's guess." But Tom Maurstad in the Dallas Morning News says that what it really adds up to is "tour-de-force filmmaking." Nonsense, contends Michael Sragow in the Baltimore Sun. "The only hope for Inglourious Basterds is that audiences will embrace it the way the Broadway crowd did 'Springtime for Hitler' [in Mel Brooks's The Producers]: because it's so bad they think it's good. »

Jewish Critics Chime In on Inglourious Basterds
21 August 2009 12:56 PM, PDT

Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds may be getting mixed reviews from leading U.S. critics; it is getting scathing reviews from the Jewish press. The national Jewish Daily Forward calls it "Jewish revenge porn." In Connecticut's Jewish Ledger, Michael Fox writes that since the film doesn't pretend to be historically accurate, "there's no percentage in railing against [it] as blathering, self-indulgent drivel." Nevertheless, he writes, Tarantino's plot amounts to "pages and pages and pages of amusingly pointless dialogue." He concludes, "Tarantino's riff on Nazis and Jews may amuse and satisfy less mature audiences. For those with a deeper and fuller understanding of the Third Reich and the Holocaust, particularly one gleaned from sources other than action movies, it is shockingly superficial." The movie features scenes in which the "good guys" scalp German soldiers, beat them to death with baseball bats for refusing to reveal the location of comrades, carve swastikas into the foreheads of those who do cooperate, and commit suicide bombings. Jonathan Foreman in Britain's Jewish Chronicle comments, "There is something about the idea of inspiring holy terror by mutilation, decapitations, etc. that inevitably evokes today's real-life masters of cruelty and demoralization by atrocity, al-Qaeda." »

dar fani excitati (a ajuns pe locul 35 in top 250 imdb, nici o grije o sa mai coboare !), locul unu in BO US (si UK) cu 37,5 mil. $. Meagpreview digital romanesc joi 27 august !

miercuri, 19 august 2009

Steve Vai la Cerbul de Aur ???

jeee, acu ca s-au confirmat ZZ Top (20 octombrie, la Polivalenta, boo dar luati-va bilete pina pe 26 august, cit sunt 100 ron), Scorpions (5 noiembrie, Romexpo), Mike Stern la Masters of Jazz, iaca veste via Doctorje, cica vine Steve Vai la...Cerbul de Aur !!! Mi se pare ireal de ironic ca Vai sa cinte la Cerbul de asa, dar iaca, dupa 9 ani de la concertul (istoric pt unii,,) de la Sala Palatului, cu Eric Sardinas in deschidere (14 aprile 2000), sa cinte in Piata Sfatului ! Vai scoate un nou album< Where the Wild Things Are (Nu stiu daca are legatura cu filmul), pe 18 septembrie !

Artistul rock Steve Vai vine la Cerbul de Aur 2009, anunta A&A Records. El va fi premiat in cadrul festivalului cu un trofeu pentru intreaga sa activitate muzicala.

sau si mai rau:
Festivalul va cuprinde sase seri: Evergreen, Pop, Rock, Finala concursului de interpretare, Gala Laureatilor, Seara Superstar si Hora Satului.

Trupa Hot Chocolate va canta in incheierea primei seri a Cerbului de Aur, iar in seara Superstar vor fi prezenti pe scena chitaristul Steve Vai, Tiziano Ferro si Loredana.

cam nashpa, Steve ! oare o stii ce-l asteapta ?

anyway, great interview with the Man here:

Q:Joe Satriani is doing Chickenfoot, don’t you miss to perform or be in a band again?
SV: I have a band. But if you are referring to a rock band with a lead singer, no. I did that and it was great fun but I have no desire at this time to do it. Maybe in the future, who knows. I went to see Chicken Foot the other night and it was fantastic. Sammy sang great and Joe played his butt off. It was a good ol' rock and roll time and I think they are a good rock n’ roll party band.

Q:If you could do a one-off cover album project, whose songs would you choose?
SV: All Tom Waits.

and now for something competly different: MACHETE

cine a vazut Grindhouse stie...unul din trailerele false regizate de Robert Rodriguez pentru upcoming attractions, cu Danny Trejo as Machete, Cheech Marin as the priest si Jeff Fahey as the senator.

Acum Machete e film pe bine si au inceput filmarile acum 2 saptamini cu un dream cast!!! Si fanii fac comparatii cu The Expendables, mai ales pentru ca Steven Seagal are un rol aici, alaturi de Don Johnson, Michele Rodriguez, Cheech Marin, Jeff Fahey, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba
si... Robert De Niro !!! Mexploitation! coming in 2010 !

Robert Rodriguez la Comic Con 2008 unde spune ca a scris scenariul mai demult si a tot luat din el, asa ca nu era doar un fals tease ci Machete will get done ! Se pare ca va co-regiza cu Ethan Maniquis, co-editorul lui !

posterul vechi la Machete din epoca Grindhouse !!!

Interviu cu Tarantino in Village Voice

via AC, un megaextensiv interviu din Village Voice si o cronica de J. Hoberman la film, extrem de bullseye

Tarantino's movie ends with its corniest character (Pitt) proclaiming that a particular Old Testament barbarism just might be his masterpiece. As I wrote from Cannes, this movie could well be Tarantino's—if masterpiece is taken to mean the fullest expression of a particular artist's worldview. At Cannes, Roth characterized the movie as "kosher porn." Tarantino was less provocative and more grandiose—"The power of cinema is going to bring down the Third Reich. . . . I get a kick out of that!"—but he, too, was reveling in the compensatory, reductive aspect of the movies.

Here is an alternate World War II, in which Jews terrorize and slaughter Nazis—a just Holocaust. Schindler's List comforted audiences with similar, albeit less outrageous, reversals (the list is life, not death; concentration camp showers gush water, not gas). However devoted to movie magic, however, Spielberg would never be so tasteless as to admit the excitement he experienced in asserting his will over history.

un interviu destul de chul tot cu QT in noul Uncut si o cronicheta de 4 stele, (in mod ciudat pe sit are trei stele !!!), la ei filmul lunii e THE HURT LOCKER (da, mi-as fi dorit sa-l vad la cinema), si Mesrine are 5 stele !

parerea mea despre IB mi-am expus-o de la Cannes aici ! dar cred ca la a doua vizionare cotatia mea initiala va creste vertiginos !

marți, 18 august 2009

Faith No More-Epic & more !!!

si de pe situl lui Ticke, despre FnM, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, Tomahawk, Patton & co si concertul de la Bucuresti !
si ce am primit pe youtube la Reunited despre Sziget:
Hehe, ieri la Sziget solistul a purtat un costum rosu. Arata ca un pimp. Pe langa ca si-a tras pe cap chilotii unei individe din public si a inghitit un siret al unui baschet aruncat pe scena.

ma gindeam cum poate arata trupa perfecta de turbatzi,
Mike Patton -voce
Les Claypool -bass
si nu-mi vine nimeni peste Keith Moon la tobe !

Topul meu de Bruce Willis-i si topul lui Tarantino de 20 de filme

Bruce Willis x 10 de pe HBOclub, si chiar ziceam la Unbreakable ca Bruce ar fi meritat un Oscar, si vad de la AC un top 20 Quentin Tarantino de pe skymovies cu niste choice-uri cel putin odd, top din 1992 si pina cum, aduica de cind e el regizor, si legatura e ca el zice ca Unbreakable e cel mai bun rol al lui Bruce punct si nah, Quentin a shi lucrat cu el ! Daca primeam topul mai repede, bagam info-ul in el..

As vrea insa sa-l intreb pe Tarant-ula, unde e Carlito's Way (1993), sau Man on Fire care cica i-a placut, ca a dat si-n scris, chiar i-au placut mai mult Friday (fuck off, i'm not gonna see that movie), Anything Goes (one of the worst Woody Allen's) si Dogville (Dogfuckinville), c'mon Quentin what were you smokin ? Si pretentiozitatile asiatice, pe care le intleg, ca sunt ultra-eclectice si unknown si we like them too...mai putin Police Story 3 ! Adica nu Carlito si da, Insider, si nu Heat si da Jackie Chan si Ice Cube !

duminică, 16 august 2009

FnM live clips

ce am pus pe youtube...

intro-Reunited !!!!

From Out of Nowhere


Faith NO More !!!

concert cu probleme provenite de la vodka cu energizant (nu, no Jack Daniel's this time), cu locatie de kk, sunet minabil, destul de putina lume -da, ce bine ar fi fost in Arenele Romane !!!), cu tone de bodyguiarzi care in final au reusit sa ma dea afara la ultima piesa de la bis !!! guess what, ca aruncam gheata de la vodkaredbull in capul vreunuia din ei, nu stiu sincer pe cine-am nimerit ! mda, si
m-au scos ca pe un terorist de renume mondial, si m-am plins la politie dar mi-au zis ca trebe sa fac reclamatie la sectia de la Budapesta dar n-am vrut sa le stric sear la doctorii mei (o fi vreun motiv pentru care pacinetul ALD umbla cu mai multi doctori la el)...oricum m-a luat de cap de la Mike Patton going berserk, like really megafonul, nazist si dus total, Cracked Hitler, un soi de Pink din The Wall, cu camasa roz pe el, si mustacioara si barbison gen Errol Flynn sau hmm Orlando Bloom, but clinaically insane...noh si m-a luat si pe mine un "midlife crisis", am primit si un minishut in kur de la un bodyguard in drum spre iesire, nu l-am simtit decit dupa doua ore, cred ca erau furibunzi de ..furie (sic, sicko) de la Pattoneala ! Toti bodyguarzii care trebuia sa acopere suprafata de trei sferturi de sala goala, se vindea bere Bavaria la doza deci puteai sa spargi la capete gramezi ! mi-am luat si un tricou mult prea mare de la fata draguta blonda cu ochelari care le vindea, Xl, ca cica o sa se mai duca la spalat...
asta seara (16.08) FnM cinta la Sziget, dar mi-ar fi placut sa-i vad cu o zi inainte pe plaja de la Burgas...anyway, it fuckin rocked !
nah, acum mergem la Editors !!! (later comment: fuck the Editors, am plecat dupa 4 piese, ofticati ca nu suntem la Mike Patton & co la Sziget !)

vineri, 14 august 2009

RIP Willy DeVille

primisem pe 10 aug un mesaj de la T. din Norvegia, RIP Willy De Ville ! il intreb pe prietenul nostru american D., da din umeri, mai intreb pe cineva, then i give up, zic ca o sa dau un google dar mai tirziu am uitat. Though the neme stuck with me. Si
da, stiam de Mink de Ville ! Willy era liderul trupei si apoi a cintat solo. Ok, tema din Princess Bride. El a compus-o, Mark Knopfler a produs-o. Nominlaizt la Oscar. Dirty Dancing a cistigat. OK, nici Swayze nu mai e like the wind. Final cut 6 august 2009. Avea 58 de ani, cancer pancreatic.

"In some respects, DeVille is the rock & roll counterpart to Sinatra—both can rock, both stared down personal demons, both are capable of rousing memories sweet and sad, and both can navigate the mean streets with panache before winding up on Lonely Avenue at daybreak."

[Critic Mark Keresman on liner notes to Mink DeVille's Coup de Grâce]

Teaser postere la EXPENDABLES

tatuajul facut de Tool (Rourke) pe spatele lui Sly e logoul filmului,
cred ca posterul american cu Schwarzenneger deasupra lui Stallone nu e oficial...

trailerul la Stoltz der nation


sau aici

Prea modern totusi si in engleza !!! desi e prezentat de Dr. Joseph Goebbles ! cu Fredrick Zoller( Daniel Brühl), in regia lui Alois von Eichberg !

Acum apare si Bo Svenson, generalul american pufaind din trabuc !!!

cu premiera 21 august cinema Le Gamar, Paris !

si am intrat si pe site,
si e un joc unde dai cu bita si omori nemti ca Eli Roth dar pe mine m-au omorit imediat !

joi, 13 august 2009

Les Felins (1964)

Alain Delon looking perfect dar Jane Fonda n-a aratat niciodata mai bine,

intr-un film noir alb-negru superb filmat de Henri Decae, pe muzica excelenta jazzy de Lalo Schifrin (care seamana tare cu Bullit),

dupa romanul lui Day Keene "Joy House" care si titlul american.

Un individ (Marc, gigolo ghinionist) urmarit de henchemanii unui puternic american (gen Bring me the...Alfredo Gracia) se refugiza in casa a doua femei fatale, blonde (a doua fiind Lola Albright) si cu o agenda cel putin ciudata (v. The Beguiled).
Regia: René Clément, care l-a facut pe Delon star in 1960 cu plein Soleil (aka primul film cu Ripley, dupa Patricia Highsmith). Asistent de regie: Costa-Gavras !

dvd francez Rene Chateau (recomand veriunea engleza pentru ca dialogurile par mai putin fortate si Delon vorbeste english, la francezi Fonda si Labright sunt dublate)
extras: filmografii si un documentar by the numbers de jumate de ora cu Jane Fonda
3 1/2 din 5/ 7 din 10

marți, 11 august 2009

Mickey Rourke in Expendables !

se arata cum e tatuat Stallone de catre Mickester alias Tool !!!

premiera 23 aprilie 2010 !

The Objective (2008)

film de Daniel Myrick, unul din cei doi Blair Witch Projectants. Filmat in Maroc, stand in pt Afganistan, se petrece la 3 zile dupa 9/11, cind un operativ CIA aduna o echipa pentru o misune secreta. Un soi de Lost Patrol meets Predator, man on a mission cu elemente SF si horror, astmosfera interesanta, cast necunoscut. Gimmickul e o chestie extraterestra destul de sppoky.

3 din 5, 6 din 10

DVD extras: making of, interviu de festival cu regizorul, interviu cu DOP Stephanie Martin, trailer

vineri, 7 august 2009

Topul meu de Invazii Spatiale

al cincilea top pentru HBOclub, this one has commmies too (bubulii sunt ascunsi!)
a se citi cu piesa INVADERS a lui Maiden (LMA Bruce D today!)

mi-a adus aminte de o pagina de comix dintr-un almanah Anticipatia din copilarie, care era cu o trupa de rock care cinta un text de genul de mai jos, si-ntre timp adevaratii ET's debarcau...
sfera de foc izbuneste din lungile nopti siderale
si dinauntru explodeaza ?
/invadatorii xxxcreaturile spatiale

daca cineva stie exact cum era pls say so...

RIP John Hughes

well, yes..59 de ani, atac de cord in New York. Omul care a scris tone de kids and teenage comedies (Home Alone, UNcle Buck, Beethovem sub pesudonimul Edmond dantes !) si a redefinit genul in anii '80 cu Breakast Club, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller's Day Off !
a mai scris si regizat Planes, Trains & Automobiles, 16 Candles, Weird Science !

da, saw Ferris Bueller's Day Off, dar aku vreo 3 luni though….
nu stiu daca se pune dar yep, trebuia sa-l vad acu vreo 16 ani !

joi, 6 august 2009

Hombre Mirando al Sudeste (1986)

film argentinian cu o multime de premii despre un pacient (Hugo Soto )intr-un ospiciu care zice ca e extraterestru si oare e ? K-Pax e ciordit de aici, si una din ideile din Fisher King (Jeff Bridges in both, ca si in Starman, doctorul (Lorenzo Quinteros) cinta la saxofon, solouri de jazz excelente !
scenariul si regia Eliseo Subiela

3 din 5, 6 din 10 !

dupa allmovie guide:
Similar Works
The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951, Robert Wise)
Starman (1984, John Carpenter)
Guess Who's Coming for Christmas? (1990, Paul Schneider)
Powder (1995, Victor Salva)
K-PAX (2001, Iain Softley)
Time Traveller (1982, Nico Mastorakis)
Alien Warrior (1985, Edward Hunt)
The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976, Nicolas Roeg)
The Brother from Another Planet (1984, John Sayles)

miercuri, 5 august 2009

Some facts...

k Harry Potter VI e cel mai bun dintre ele, si ca un actor romin o sa joace in VII care o sa fie de fapt VII si VIII, si nu va spui cine e Half-Blood Prince...compozitorul cel nou (Nicholas Hooper) de asta data mai bun si parca am recunoscut temele din Duelistii lui Ridley Scott (muzica Howard Blake)...

k Bruno nu e Borat si are glume majoritatea rasuflate si grosiere si homoeasy, si e un flop indigest, dar un blowjob imaginar cu spiritul lui Milli Vanilli din eter e far out...

k Politist adjectiv a ajuns cu ajitorul MTR la 10.000 de spectatori and counting...

k Inglorious Basterds are 3 scene in plus in copia care va avea premiera la noi si peste tot (fata de Cannes), dar niciuna cu Maggie Cheung, si nici n-o sa fie proiectat digital

k am vazut The Spirit si ca vizual arata superb si in cinema ar fi fost chul dar altfel filmul e without spirit & a mess

k cei care n-au inteles aspectul vizual al lui Public Enemies si miza pusa in joc de Michael Mann ar trebui sa nu mai scrie pina nu iau niste lectii de imagine si altfel sa nu judece dupa copii proiectate prost ca la Movieplex (intunecat si ars) sau copii purii facute pe pelicula (Hollywood Multiplex)

k Vama Veche nu mai poate fi salvata, cu piste de biciclisti si restaurant fancy de peste in care in 10 minute nu te serveste nimeni, si cu gunoi si trampoline si Folk You very much...

k interviul lui Bruce Dickinson din Playboy e destul de shitty facut de editia de Serbia) si il amintesc pt ca pe 7 e ziua lui again...

k noul album Wilco, Wilco The Album suna a ...Wilco...

k azi dimineata m-am trezit din somn zgiltit de un cutremur de 5,8 care aici cica ar fi avut 3 grade, ceea ce ma face sa incerc sa o tai din nou din Bucuresti...