vineri, 12 februarie 2021

RIP Chick Corea

Return To Forever, mr. Chick Corea...He would've been 80-eighty- on June 12 this year.

1st time I saw him he played his Children's Songs album SOLO piano at Sala Palatului, at the 1st Camel Jazz Alive Summit Festival, back in 1993 (April 6th).

He came to Romania five more times, last time in Bucharest in 2012 with Gary Burton, also at Sala Palatului. In 1998 he played Sala Palatului again on his Origin tour. In 2008 (October 26th) he played with the FIVE PEACE BAND again at Sala Palatului, all-start band together with John McLaughlin, Kenny Garrett & the great Vinnie Colaiuta on drums (I saw him again with Sting -Back to Bass live in 2013). In 2009 he was here again. Then In 2017 he played here for the last time, in Timisoara at the Jazz Tm Fest. 

He was at his best with Return to Forever, his group from 1971 featuring many but always Stanley Clarke. Featuring Al Di Meola, Lenny White on drums, many others. 

A brilliant Live of Return to Forever !

He played with Miles Davis on Bitches Brew. Author of many jazz standards he won 23 Grammy's and was nominated over 60 times. Chick Corea is considered one of the most importnat piano players of the XXth century.  Thank you for your music et all....

sâmbătă, 6 februarie 2021

RIP Christopher Plummer

Christopher Plummer has gone somewhere into The Sound of Music :(. He was 91.

I guess last time I saw him on the big screen was in All The Money In The World (2017), in the part they reshot, as J.P.Getty (instead of Kevin Spacey) and for which he got his ONLY third Oscar nomination, and then on the small screen in Knives Out (2019), but actually the last film I saw him in was THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING (1975), where he is Rudyard Kipling, saw that in memory of Sean Connery last fall, as it is one of his best (and favourite Films). 

I remember when Plummer got finally an Oscar, in 2010,  for his supporting part in Beginners, but I wished he got one for a more dignificant film. 

As a kid I loved him as Eddie Chapman, spy and con in WW2 in Triple Cross (1966, in Romanian Theaters as Eddie Chapman, agent secret). Surely he was Captain Von Trapp and he was a trainer in Vis de glorie (aka International Velvet, 1978) and the cheated husband in Hanover Street (1979).  And he seemed to be a lot on the big screen, from Aces High to Somewhere in Time, or in older films re-runs like Waterloo, The Night of the Generals and The Fall of the Roman Empire. Or on TV in the miniseries of Artthur Hailey's The Moneychangers (1976). He was not the lead but a supporting Grand and elegant name. ALways reliable.  I think he was a great Sherlock Holmes in an unknown gem, Murder by Decree (1978) and impeccable in every single part. He maanged to get great work in his Seventies and Eightes in Holyywood, a great acting legacy and a long list of credits in A pictures as well in indies: The Insider, 12 Monkeys,  The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Inside Man, Ararat, Alexander....RIP....

Obit in Variety here

joi, 4 februarie 2021

Alice Cooper-Social Debris -SOTD & LMA !

Alice, Vincent, The Coop is 73 Today ! LA multi ani/ Happy B-DAY !!!

I was celebrating him listening to his breakthrough  album KILLER, 50th anniversary (out Nov. 1971), produced by meister Bob Ezrin, great MF revolutionary album ! Long time, no hear- Halo of Flies,  Desperado, Dead babies... wawawiwa :) 

He put out a new single from the upcoming album, Detroit Stories, out on Feb. 26. Previously I have blogged on Song of the Day (SOTD) about Rocknroll, the album's first single, here.

SOCIAL DEBRIS is a song recorded with The Alice Coper Band, the title Social Debris, which fits well the ugly picture of 2day 2.

His message on twitter here, or

the song is available for download on his site for 24 Hours here

78th Golden Globes Nominations

 Here all noms of the 78th Edition on Golden Globes Page

interesting how the positions have changed, Film Distributor-Neflix 22 ! followed by Amazon Studios with 7 noms. & Focus 5. Universal & Warner with 4. 

TV distributor- Netflix 20 noms, HB0 only 7,  Mank leading up with 7 noms. 

Fargo season 4 no noms :(

see ya on Feb. 28th !