vineri, 21 ianuarie 2022

RIP Meat Loaf

 Bat Out of Hell..?

Marvin Lee Ady, better known as Meat Loaf died today at74 of Covid.

Rocky Horror Picture Show,


Saturday Night Live on the Wayne'sWorldsketch andmovie

Fight Club -¬His name is Robert Paulson¬ 

he was even in Bucharest shooting a scene for the infamous Bloodrayne

never saw him live but then, I grew to like him in the last 10 years, not before tho.

That I’m overblown, pompous, melodramatic, self-indulgent. I’ve heard it a million times. And the first person to describe me like that was me. It’s supposed to be overblown. The entire history of rock’n’roll is a comedy … Rock’n’roll was never meant to answer the questions of the universe. It’s a laugh. I’m a laugh. So laugh at me if you like. I have no problem with that.”                                 Marvin Lee Ady/Meat Loaf

Dead Ringer 

Objects in the Mirror are Closer than They Appaear

Life is a Lemon

Paradise by the Dashboard

....but I won't do that....

last year his lyricist and producer, Jim Steinman died. Together they were fearless.And they Rocked. 

Obit andBio in The Guardian Here 

joi, 20 ianuarie 2022

Top Ten albums 2021

                                               Iron Maiden-Senjutsu (2nd double album)

Alice Cooper -Detroit Stories

                                                                  Lindsay Buckingham -omonim  

                                                      The War on Drugs-I Don't Live Here Anymore

                                                                  Billy F. Gibbons-Hardware

                                                         Tom Jones-Surrounded by Time

                                                                The Black Keys-Delta Kream

                                                         The Dead Daisies-Holy Ground

                                                  Deep Purple-Turning To Crime (their first cover album!)

Sparks-Annette (also soundtrack)

luni, 17 ianuarie 2022

Top filme 2021 (& seriale & documentare)


Top filme 2021 (still work in progress...)

***Am văzut 375 de filme (inclusiv seriale, scurtmetraje, documentare, fime revăzute), mult prea puține în sala de cinema.

Nu pot să îmi închei topul fără să fi văzut Nightmare Alley (Guillermo Del Toro) și Licorice Pizza (Paul Thomas Anderson). Poate si japonezul Drive My Car. (vazut both:) 

Licorice m-a dezamagit, nu am rezonat cu povestea si personajele. Mi-au placut vignetele William Holden (Sean Penn) si John Huston sau sam Peckinpah ?? (Tom Waits), si cea cu Jon Peters (Bradley Cooper), dar prea scurte, soundtrackul, muzica si culorile, dar nu e printre filmele mele preferate ale lui PTA. 

Drive My Car e cel mai vorbaret film japonez ever :) si are 3  ore. 

UPDATE 2 febr: am vazut Nightmare Alley si da, yes it is !!! Poate in primele trei locuri. In cinema in Ro, din 25 februarie.way toooo late, dudes...Incercati sa vedeti versiunea din 1947!!! 

March update: Am vazut si Licorice Pizza si Drive My Car. Ramin cu Nightmare Alley pe  locul 1, vazut si in cinema, chef d”oeuvre de film noir (sa vedem si varianta alb-negru) , cel mai ambitios film al lui Del Toro ca cineast! Clasic care va ramine timeless...

Top 5:

Bond 25-No Time to Die-Cary Ioji Fukanoga (desi tehnic trebuia să fie 2020) -cronica mea aici

The Lost Daughter-Maggie Gylllenhaal

The Power of the Dog-Jane Campion (cronica mea aici)

Annette-Leos Carax

The French Dispatch -Wes Anderson


French Exit-Azael Jacobs, technically 2020

The Persian Lesson -Vadim Perelman technically 2020

Martin Eden- Pietro Marcello-technically 2019


Nicolas Cage award: Pig-Michael Sarnoski

Guilty pleasure of the year: Benedetta de Paul Verhoeven

Fellini & co: ..Era la mano di dio/The Hand of God-Paulo Sorrentino 

Horror: The Deep House-Alexandre Boustillo & Julien Meury

action thriller: Wrath of Man -Guy Ritchie

comedie: Suicide Squad -James Gunn

neplacut: Nitram -Jed Kurzel -premiul de actorie Cannes 2021, Caleb Jones)

porn star of the year (has been:): Simon Rex in Red Rocket (Sean Baker)

mențiune pentru accente :): House of Gucci (Ridley Scott)

dezamagire: The Tragedy of Macbeth (Joel Coen)


Filmul românesc al anului: Neidentificat -Bogdan George Apetri (cronica mea aici)

si satira anului: Porno balamuc sau Babardeală cu bucluc -Radu Jude


Ted Lasso (sez 2-2021)

Goliath sezonul 4 -cel mai cinematografic sezon

Mayor of Kingstown -Taylor Sheridan -paramount+

Godfather of Harlem (sez 2-2021) f/x

The Outlaws (BBC)

Only Murders in the Building (hulu)

The White Lotus (HBO GO)

Diatlov: The Dead Mountain (TIFF Unlimited) cronica mea aici

Halston (miniseries Netflix)

Wandavision (disney+)

Landscapers (HBO GO)

Yellowstone -sezonul 4--Taylor Sheridan -paramount+




S is for Stanley (cronica mea aici)

Filmworker -Leon Vitali

The Sparks Brothers

Dean Martin King of Cool

My Octopus Teacher

What She Said (Pauline Kael)

vineri, 14 ianuarie 2022

Macbeth (2021)

aka The Tragedy of Macbeth, 1st film directed solo by Joel Coen of the Coen bros. fame. An Apple+ Original film.

Got to say I was hugely dissapointed by it. Found it boring and yes black and white, but that just makes it closer to Orson Welles' Macbeth (1948)...Still think Akira Kurosawa's Throne of Blood was the best of 'em...Polanski was in color, Jed Kurzel's was shite (fell even asleep in Cannes at the Lumiere screening,-----in 2015)

3 Oscars noms, for the beautiful cinematography by Bruno Delbonel, production design & Denzel (c'mon)

vineri, 7 ianuarie 2022

RIP Sidney Poitier

Who's Coming to Dinner? 

In the Heat of The Night, They Call Me Mr.Tibbs, (& The Organisation, all asVirgil Tibbs)

To Sir With Love...

The Defiant Ones

director: 9 films including the classic comedies Stir Crazy (1980) and Hanky Panky (1982)

-Sidney Poitier, The 1st black actor to get an Oscar (Lilies in  the Field,1963) and one of the msot influential activitsts for Civil freedom rights, later on UN ambassador, died at 94. RIP...

as a trivia fact Peter Bogdanovich directed him in To Sir With Love II  in 1996.They died in the same day, January 6th 2022....

RIP Peter Bogdanovich

He was one of my heroes, form very early when I first read about him. His life was more than a movie, more than the films he directed. He was a part of the Hollywood Elite, more than an insider, a cinephile and most of all, a survivor of that jungle. Targets, The last Picture Show,What's Up Doc, Paper Moon, Nickelodeon, Saint Jack, They all Laughed, Noises Off, The Cat`s Meow, the documentaries about his heroes whom he met and befriended. John Ford, Howard Hawks, Orson Welles. He was part of Welles unifinished mythical The Other Side of the Wind (that you can seee now on Netflix). He was an occasional actor too, the psychiatrist in The Sopranos. Peter Bogdanovich died on January 6th 2022. He was 82.

“There are no “old” movies-only movies you have already seen and ones you haven't” -Peter Bogdanovich