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Alin Ludu Dumbrava -An Interview for Hope@M9TV 29.01.2024

In cadrul Interviews for Hope la Televiziunea M9TV Romania din Tg. Mures m-a invitat prietenul Corneliu Tepelus sa vorbim despre film si muzica, film romanesc, Cannes, Brasov, Transilvania Blues si Bluesferatu.

Intreg interviul este acum pe youtube aici. Mersi, Corneliu, Let There B. Light :D

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Perfect Days (2023)

"Now is Now and Then is Then."

Perfect Days is a masterpiece, a Japanese film made in Tokyo in Japanese by a German filmmaker. Wim Wenders, made at 77 years of age. Like Wenders' Tokyo Story. 

But Yasujiro Ozu is Wenders' master. And Ozu being a poet, this homage to him (Wenders did also a documentary, Tokyo-Ga, about his trip to Ozu's Tokyo, back in 1985), is also a Poem. A poem in the rhyme of Rock 'n Roll. 

Do yourself a Favor and do go to the cinema. It's in limited release and it will vanish shortly. Kudos again Bad Unicorn for bringing it on the big screen ! Click on the link , scroll down and you'll see where it screens in Romania. ! And if you go, stay 'til the end of the credits !!! 

It's slow, it's dreamlike, it's funny and tender, it's beautiful and sad, it's heartfelt. About the meaning of life (really!). Not in the Monty Pythonesque sense. More like budhism. 

Absolutely gorgeous soundtrack, Lou Reed (the title comes from Lou's "Perfect Day" song) , Patti Smith, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Van Morrison, Ottis Redding, Nina Simone, The Animals & House of the Rising Sun (in Japanese even), Sachiko Kanenobu, and all with a purpose. Like a shiver in the trees leaves.

One of last year's best, should've been in my 2023 Top Films but I saw it in january 2024 ! It is nominated for the Oscar for best foreign film. Won best actor in Cannes and Koji Yakusho's performance is one of the best there is. Also won the Ecumenical Jury in Cannes. 

Also it's one of Wenders' best, up there (for me) with Paris Texas, Das Himmel uber Berlin, Der Amerikanische Freund, Der Stand der Dinge. Shot beautifully by Wenders' collaborator since Land of Plenty (204), Franz Lustig, in the academical format of 1.33.1 (4:3), sharply edited and with a subtle sound design (re: the leaves, the dreams). 

great interview with Wenders on Eye for Film here.

Wenders' favorite films on Kombini Video here. A lot on Ozu at the beginning of the video.



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Herbert Grönemeyer - Alkohol (SOTD)

Herbert Grönemeyer 's Alkohol is a song from 1984, from his album 4360 Bochum. I heard it in the 80's then, with Falco and Trio, they sound alike. Great B & W video. But yesterday I heard again this song after 30 odd years in a very cool scene from the new Calin Peter Netzer film, Familiar (that came out yesterday in Romanian cinemas).

Grönemeyer was/is a West Germany superstar, known also as an actor (he was in Wolfgang Pedersen's megahit Das Boot-1981) and I saw it in Romanian cinemas as Robert Schumann in Spring Symphony (1983), next to Nastassja Kinski as Clara Wiek and Rolf Hoppe. Saw that with my mom as she was the biggest fan of classical and Opera music. But his name came back again as the composer of the Anton Corbjin's films The American (my review here) and A Most Wanted Man, very good imersive scores He's still a superstar in Deutschland. Weirdly, my friends at the film premiere didn't know about him. So, I had to write a few lines about Herr Herbert G.

Great song tho. Was and is. And cool lyrics ;)

Alkohol ist das Dressing für deinen Kopfsalat

Alkohol ist dein Sanitäter in der Not Alkohol ist dein Fallschirm und dein Rettungsboot Alkohol ist das Drahtseil auf dem du stehst Alkohol ist das Schiff mit dem du untergehst

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Nu aștepta prea mult de la sfârșitul lumii/Do Not Expect Too Much from the End of the World (2023)

Psychotronic* film of the Year (on my Top Films of 2023): Nu aștepta prea mult de la sfârșitul lumii/Do Not Expect Too Much from the End of the World by Radu Jude. 

Just saw this mid Jan. in a theater (Reduta, Brasov), with people, and so I had to change /add this item to the Top. It's at once Bravura filmmaking, Saboteur cinema, punkish anarchistic/nihilistic deconstruction of the language (Godard-like), subversive Meta meta cinema, a pamphlet and a satire, filled with insider jokes that my guess is don't translate, even though the film, premiering in Locarno Film Fest last summer and awarded there the Jury's Special Prize, is on the most highbrow lists, from Cahiers du Cinema, to Sight and Sound and a great Arthouse hit in the US (it will be distributed there in March by MUBI). It was Romania's entry for the Oscars, as surreal as it sounds, not that the film isn't good enough but because it's so experimental and off mainstream someone should be crazy to really think it'll be qualified for an Oscar nod.

Psychotronic* =from Un Chien Andalou to Doogtooth or Mandy, or Perrot Le Fou and Jodorowski, this is the cinema of a FreakOut mind and stream of it. Dada and beyond. A genre of Subversive cinema.

Plot (or should I say Com-plot;):

It's about a day in the life of a production assistant (Angela -a brilliant Ilinca Manolache, chosen as Top Actresses of the year by ICS-International Cinephile Society, see here- and my bet on the Gopo award for lead actress this year), as she drives around Bucharest doing various chores and prepping (preparing) a corporate work safety commercial. She also tick tocks obscenities (funny and absurd ones) under a male avatar and the name Bobiță, as a commentary of the crazy hellish life around her.

This apocaly-pic (in the cinema sense film), is imo Jude's Le Mepris, but as Godard had Fritz Lang, Radu Jude has Uwe Boll -ouch, and I know Uwe well, did a q and a with him at Grossmann years ago, was on the Bucharest set of Bloodrayne, met him as he was self-promoting his films in Marche in Cannes, hiked with him on the hills of Ljutomer and had schpritzer which he hated ;) Uwe is shown filming in a Bucharest studio a sort of Z like Men in Black -and he tick toks freely the F * off and F* all of you-and this for me is the major stunt of the film ;), also it might say something about the state of cinema and the world now, yep. Had a blast watching it, but it's not funny, more like a tragic journey into a hellish Bucharest. Plus auto-referential Jude on his PPM's, commercials background and cameos by him (Glovo man) and Marius Panduru, the DOP, as a hotel doorman, loved them both.  Excruciating longeur (willingly, but hardcore, Cristi Puiu's style)-144 min, bravura one-shot sequence of 40 mins, grainy B & W, as Jarmusch's first fares (but JJ had no money, man), a take on Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues famous cue cards through Vali Sterian's Exercitiu, into the green screen of 'woke" cancel culture of a politically correct message in a work safety corporate video. The film audio track is a world of its own, with the songs played (SPP included;), a copious manea from Tranylvania, the radio comments plus the phone conversations and the interjections from the real people in traffic. Cleo from 5 to 7 in a sordid world with overtime galore (from six am til afterdark, but with time for even a quickie and a shaorma ;)

The film inside the film (in color) is the infamous piece of propaganda, Angela merge mai departe/Angela keeps on going (1981, Lucian Bratu director, written by film critic Eva Sârbu!!!), a Feminist Fare 'cos Elena Ceaușescu (the wife and "balls & brains" of RSR's ex-Cîrmaci, not a coincidence this is posted on his Bday ;) wanted a film about a comrade female worker and she got one. And she is Angela and she is a Taxi driver, ha, Romanian Taxi Driver that is. You gotta understand that in Communist Romania taking a cab was not something anyone affords, only in matters of emergency would be used by the New Breed of People ('Omul nou"). Also I was unfortunate enough to see this in a theater when it came out or on an early 80's re-run. Bummer. Big bummer. Was almost nauseous, bored and offended -cinematically and esthetically, even as a kid!) to the extent of leaving the theater. The title became tho some sort of an urban joke (Angela that keeps going...). Jude takes the protagonist actress of 1981, Dorina Lazăr and brings her in his 2023 universe, but as a character from that film, not as the actress, as if she is a retired cab driver. It's cruel to the actors and misleading to those who think the footage is a documentary about the old Bucharest (incl. the Uranus quarter razed by Ceausescu to build his "House of the People"). Next to Angela/Dorina is her husband, Laszlo Miske, who was credited in the film from 1981, as Vasile Miske (though his character was Gyuri), his name made Romanian, as was the policy of the times. Heavily ironic, a Laszlo made a Vasile... But subversive to the max, Jude puts these characters as the parents of the work accident handicaped son who will star along with its family in the caution commercial for a family fare of 1000 euros. The filming of the commercial is the cream of the crop, a hysterical pastiche of any shot like this, also Jude's own commercials (with Șerban Pavlu as the director and a throwback at Jude s 1st feature, Cea mai fericită fată din lume/The Happiest Girl in the World-2009 where Pavlu was also the director-i's the same director, I guess ), with most of the comments being thrown in off camera, from cynical jokes to film buff comments (like the precious but useless -on purpose-info of how many takes did Charlie Chaplin took on City Lights for a line, even though the film was silent...or the Lumiere brothers Trains Exit being a documentary, Melies shooting a commercial in 1897, etc. Featuring also a clueless Nina Hoss ( German International star of Barbara, Phoenix and..Jack Ryan series) as Doris Goethe, the grand grand grand daughter of That Goethe.

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Concertele anului 2024

Just 2 b clear, these are gigs and events I am interested in. Or some that we do with Transilvania Blues.

Copeland & Wragg-The Last Sundown -20 ianuarie, Rockstadt -Transilvania Blues Nights

Bombino -3 februarie, Control

Help, a tribute to The Beatles (UK) -10 feb Rockstadt

The Tiger Lillies-10 martie, Hard Rock Cafe (chiar asa, HRC? cu burgeri si beri? cabaret arthouse rock? :( )

Fred Sunwalk -The Brazilian Guitar Hurricane Returns to Transilvania-23 martie, Rockstadt, Transilvania Blues Nights- POSPONED TO NOVEMBER 2024 !!!

U.D.O. -Touchdown European Tour-30 martie , club Quantic. Bilete aici.

Luke Winslow King Band (feat. Roberto Luti) -26 aprilie, Rockstadt -Transilvania Blues Nights  

Bill Frisell Trio -Jazz Nouveau, Control Club, 20 mai 2024  ANULAT !!!!!

Corey Taylor-Arenele Romane, 31 mai

Vieux Farka Toure -Control Club, 1 iunie

Al Di Meola Acoustic Trio -Sala Palatului 3 iunie 

Bilete aici.
1st songs and video, from the album here: Afterglow of Raganrok 
Second extract: Rain on the Graves

Judas Priest -17 iulie 2024 (@metalhead meeting ), Romexpo

Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld -Club Control, 29 noiembrie

******Festivals & Special Events*****

European Blues Challenge -4-6 aprilie Portugal -Marian  Petrescu Band participa din partea Romaniei
Urban Blues Festival V -12-14 aprilie , Trocadero Pub, Bucuresti (feat. David Arcari-Scotland)
& 16 aprilie Hard Rock cafe-George Baicea Band

Insula de Blues -21-23 iunie. Bacau.  BB & The Blueshaks, Innes Sibun Band, Rob Tognoni, Boney Fields, etc.

Rockstadt Extreme Festival editia 10-a, 31 iulie-4 august, Risnov

Transilvania Blues Festival editia VI -28-29 septembrie

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Bruce Dickinson-Rain on the Graves (SOTD)

"Morte capti, non carcere". 

The second single and video from Bruce Dickinson's upcoming 7th album (Seventh Son..?), his uber-project and magnum opus The Mandrake Project is Blood on the Graves, a William Blake quoted (same as the 1st single, Afterglow of Ragnarok starts),a  B & W & color short film that is one the best video of his until now (I love the Tears of the Dragon flick).  

A cool Hammer / AIP homage with Dickinson himself as The Preacher (Vincent Price-like), complete with the Devil as in Hellboy, with cut horns, and the band live Tiger Lillies style.  It has a very Maidenesque sound, much more than Afterglow of Ragnarok, or earlier Dickinson works (Accident of Birth, The Chemical Wedding, Skunkworks, Tyranny of Souls). Balls to Picasso & Tattooed Millionaire excluded.

Directed by Ryan Mackfall (same as Ragnarok) and Produced by

Here's some of Bruce's thoughts about the song and video. 

After Afterglow of Ragnarok (the first excerpt from the Upcoming album, The Mandrake Project, complete with its comic book high concept, 12 parts no less!!!), this is another incursion into the universe of this Myskatonic universe (H.P Lovecraft ;) . The album is out March 1st 2024.

Bruce Dickinson will present the album The Mandrake Project LIVE in Bucharest, Romania, at Arenele Romane, June 3d 2024.

tickets here.

#brucedickinson #rainonthegraves #themandrakeproject

To Be Continued...

Top Soundtracks 2023

-might be a first year without a Hans Z. score...oh no, he wasn't here last year too, last time for 007  No Time to Die... Last year I didn't even do a soundtracks top.


Killers of the Flower Moon-Robbie Robertson & VA -oh, this would be great to win an Oscar, it's Robbie Robertson's first nomination and it's so posthumous :(

and the greatest and most touching song of the year on a soundtrack, "Still Standing" (this should've been nominated for Best Song but heck...barbisms :()

Indiana Jones 5  aka Indiana Jones and the Dial of the Destiny -ol' ol' John Williams with all of 'em referential Indy Themes 

Oppenheimer- Ludwig Goransson -Oscar's favorite.

The Holdovers-Mark Orton & VO 

The Boy and the Heron -Joe Hisaishi-Japan's John Williams returns with a beautiful elegiac score for Hiyao Miyazaki's comeback.

Next Goal Wins -Michael Giacchino

Wonka-the guys from Crowded House -Neil Hanon & Joby Talbot

Napoleon- Martin Phipps

Ferrari -Daniel Pemberton

VA (compliation) feel-good score of the year: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 

The Killer - Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross-  minus The Smiths songs, unfortunately the score can't be listened outside of the film

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Oscar 2024 Nominations (96th Edition)


no surprises here, 13 nods for Oppenheimer (14 at BAFTA's), 11 for Poor Things & 10 for Killers of the Flower Moon.


just obscene to have Barbie nominated for adapted screenplay...not to mention "best film".  It's not that I'm sexist, but also this is not That Feminist Movie  (TFM) that changed the world. Just the Box Office, as in "the most succesful film directed by a woman". Well, if Bigelow, Kathryn would've directed Avatar 2 or something, this would've been done b.fore..

my bets are on those I put on Bold and Italics.

Best picture

Best actor

  • Bradley Cooper, "Maestro"
  • Colman Domingo, "Rustin"
  • Paul Giamatti, "The Holdovers"
  • Cillian Murphy, "Oppenheimer"
  • Jeffrey Wright, "American Fiction"

Best actress

  • Annette Bening, "Nyad"
  • Lily Gladstone, "Killers of the Flower Moon"
  • Sandra Hüller, "Anatomy of a Fall"
  • Carey Mulligan, "Maestro"
  • Emma Stone, "Poor Things" (they tell me, again, I read that Emma will win, haven't seen the film yet, will get back to it *** saw it and yes, Emma Stone it is, my review here)

Best supporting actor

  • Sterling K. Brown, "American Fiction"
  • Robert De Niro, "Killers of the Flower Moon"
  • Robert Downey Jr., "Oppenheimer"
  • Ryan Gosling, "Barbie"
  • Mark Ruffalo, "Poor Things"

Best supporting actress

  • Emily Blunt, "Oppenheimer"
  • Danielle Brooks, "The Color Purple"
  • America Ferrera, "Barbie"
  • Jodie Foster, "Nyad"
  • Da'Vine Joy Randolph, "The Holdovers"

Best director

Great names for ensemble from all noms... not a fan of Justine Trier film but it's absolutely spot on directed. Then Yorgos Lanthimos together with Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese (a record for the Oscars, his 10th nomination!!!) and wow, Jonathan Glazer, who's film, The Zone of Interest I'm still expecting to see. Out in limited (or very limited) Romanian release Feb. 16th. Saw it and WOW! one of the best of 2023, and much more than that. See my review here.

International feature film

Animated feature film

  • "The Boy and the Heron"
  • "Elemental"
  • "Nimona"
  • "Robot Dreams"
  • "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse" (they tell me -I mean, I read ;) this is a sure bet...haven't seen it and wasn't planning on...)

Adapted screenplay

Original screenplay

  • "Anatomy of a Fall"
  • "The Holdovers"  (hopefully!, but Anatomy will win probably)
  • "Maestro"
  • "May December"
  • "Past Lives"

Visual effects

Original score

Original song

  • "It Never Went Away" from "American Symphony"
  • "I'm Just Ken" from "Barbie"
  • "What Was I Made For?" from "Barbie"  (one of the Barbie's will win..)
  • "The Fire Inside" from "Flamin' Hot"
  • "Wahzhazhe (A Song For My People)" from "Killers of the Flower Moon"

Documentary feature film

  • "20 Days in Mariupol"   
  • "Bobi Wine: The People's President"
  • "The Eternal Memory"
  • "Four Daughters"
  • "To Kill a Tiger"


Costume design

Animated short film  

  • "Letter to a Pig"
  • "Ninety-Five Senses"
  • "Our Uniform"
  • "Pachyderme"
  • "War Is Over! Inspired by the Music of John & Yoko"

Live action short film   

  • "The After"
  • "Invincible"
  • "Knight of Fortune"
  • "Red, White and Blue"
  • "The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar" (Wes Anderson, can be seen on Netflix)

Documentary short film    (unknown by me)

  • "The ABCs of Book Banning"
  • "The Barber of Little Rock"
  • "Island in Between"
  • "The Last Repair Shop"
  • "Nǎi Nai & Wài Pó"

Film editing


Production design

Makeup and hairstyling

RIP Norman Jewison

Norman Jewison was one of the most serious & eclectic directors that ever was. We was versatile in all genres but he cared for social and political issues and made important films, like his peers, Sidney Lumet, Mike Nichols, Sydney Pollack, his contemporaries. Like all of them he started his career in Television, in the Fifties. He survived his era and was retired long ago now, his last film being 21 years ago (The Statement, 2003). He died at 97 years of age without winning a single Oscar -he was but nominated Seven Times...

Jewison could've done just three films and he would've made history, and film history. In the Heat of the Night, Jesus Christ Superstar and Fiddler on the Roof. Others can say The Cincinnati Kid or The Thomas Crown Affair, the two films he did with Steve McQueen, his friend but also his most difficult actor (as he said). I'd say also Rollerball, with a brilliant James Caan. Weird that John McTiernan remade two of his films that didn't need any remake at all.

1st film of his saw -in Romanian Theaters- was And Justice for All (Dreptate pentru toti)-1979, with a hectic Al Pacino. We call this movie now, And Justice for Al ;)  Also In the Heat of The Night (In arsita noptii, 1967), I saw on the cinema but on a re-run, a film about Racial prejudice that made Sidney Poitier famous as detective Tibbs and a brilliant Rod Steiger as chief Gillespie, he won an Oscar for best lead-these days that would've been supporting part (while Poitier wasn't even nominated :( ), and it's another one of those films who directed itself-no director win, but won 5 Oscars: for best film, best script, and gave Hal Ashby his only Oscar-for editing, 5 awards in total !!!

In the 80's he made less interesting and engaging films, except Moonstruck (1987) which had a fabulous showcase for a young Nicolas Cage and 3 Oscar wins-one for Cher, also the pic got awarded the Silver Bear in Berlinale.  In 1999 he did The Hurricane, about the boxer Rubin Carter, wrongfully accused for murder and imprisoned hard, another story of Race and social injustice, with a grand Denzel Washington (that he kinda discovered and pushed into A Soldier's Tale -1984), film that introduced me to that brilliant Bob Dylan "Hurricane" song. Denzel was nominated for an Oscar for this and won best actor in Berlinale.

Last film of his I saw was The Russians are Coming The Russians are Coming (1966), a re-watch last year due to the death of Alan Arkin which is fabulous in this underrated and forgotten comedy cold war classic (close to Billy Wilder's best). 

I was a big fan of Jesus Christ Superstar (1973), which was a big hit for us on video and I saw very late Fiddler on the Roof (1971), on a private screening and a night to remember with it's biggest fan, in his flat, a certain director which I love very much ;)

All in all, Norman Jewison was one of the Greats. They don't make 'em like this anymore. Too bad...but grateful for all the films he did and I loved. RIP...

Variety Obit here.

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Copeland & Wragg - House Burned Down (SOTD)

 The House Burned Down, almost...

...that was last Sunday nite, at 22 hours...

Danny Bryant cancelled (for health reasons) and we were without artists for our 1st gig of 2024. "We" as in Transilvania Blues. 

But the gods of Blues work in mysterious ways (aren't them all ;)

and we got our old friends Greg Copeland (USA) & Chris Wragg (UK) for their 2nd coming to Brasov for us.  Also joinin' in are Lee Bradley (UK, bass) & Matt Talbot (drums, UK).

Greg & Chris put out a new fabulous Blues album, THE LAST SUNDOWN, truthful, deep, with themes of "Reflection, Freedom, Mortality, Loss and Hope". Their second, after Deep in the Blood (2019), which they played for us In Brasov at Rockstadt, May 14th 2022.

Here's the 1st single of the album,  House Burned Down, which they'll play in about 25 hours from now...

you can still buy tickets here

or at the door tomorrow evening!

B. There and Let There B. Blues ! 

miercuri, 17 ianuarie 2024


 Bisquik for the Sin Eater in the idea of "can we change? "

                                       "You don't yell at a boulder for being a rock"

vineri, 12 ianuarie 2024

Top albums 2023

...well, it's them... The Usual Suspects...Keef, the Coop, Iggy, a lot of  septagenuarians, even octogenarians there...All the young Dudes ! even Metallica !                                                                       Keeping on rocking in (not so much) a Free World anymore, agree Neil-yo;)? 

Top 2022 albums here. Top 2023 Soundtracks here. 

Song of the year is but, yes, The Beatles-Now and Then 

1. The Rolling Stones-Hackney Diamonds -well Mick and Keef are 80 ! 

Ronnie is the young gun here ;) -76!

and that brings me to the Music Video of the year (hey, for me, OK?): not Angry, but

Mess it Up , featuring a Nicholas Hoult on the run...directed by Calmatic !

2. Peter Gabriel -I/o (after 20 years...) -73 ! 

3. Alice Cooper -The Road -at 75 !!!


-Iggy Pop-Every Loser -76!  (sorry, I missed ya man in EC, hopefully catch-up this year!!!)

Ian Hunter -Defiance part One -83 !!!

Paul Simon-Seven Psalms (82 !!!)

Yusuf (Cat Stevens)-King of a Land (75!)

Nils Lofgren -Mountains (72!)

***also Neil Young (78!) put not one, not two but three albums out, Before and After, an album with Lofgren, Molina and Talbot (All Roads Lead Home) and a re-release of Chrome Dreams. 

Metal album of the year (that's how Metal I can get;) : well, Hetfield is 60 now but the meaning of 72 is Eighteen-Forever !!!

Metallica-72 Seasons

Mention for Jonas Akerlund's b & w video of Black Moonlight. Cool one ! 

Greta Van Fleet-Starcatcher 

(third album of the band, same Zeppelin, some Queen, still epigonic but better...their best yet)  -well, these guys are so young (but old souls;) it doesn't even compute ;)


Duran Duran -Dance Macabre (well, these guys are just in their sixties, so...), espc. for Supernature and Psycho Killer with a touch of Paint it Black...;)

Madness-Theatre of the Absurd Presents C'est la Vie 
(1st album since 2016)


Guilty pleasure (and not only GP) album of the year: 

Dolly Parton -Rockstar  (Dolly is 78 !!!), now, that's a cover album if there ever was one ;)

Try the super extended version (30 songs!!!). So many great guests here. Top RnR royalty. Loved her duet with Rob Halford (Bygones)! Also World on Fire, great song. Magic Man, with Ann Wilson. Heart of Glass, with Debbie Harry. And that duet with Stevie Nicks, bad-ass witches, no Eastwick. "What has Rock and Roll ever Done for You". Indeed :D

Re-issue/Anniversary of the year: 

Mike Oldfield -Tubular Bells -50th Anniversary Edition 
& with that Mike announced his retirement too, at 70, last May 15....

Guitar top three:

Steve Lukather-Bridges

Trevor Rabin-Rio

Steven Wilson-The Harmony Codex


Danny Bryant-Rise


Danny Bryant will be playing for the 1st time in Romania for Transilvania Blues Nights in Brasov at Rockstadt on Jan. 20th 2024 !!!!

well, that gig was cacelled, but we got this instead -Copeland & Wragg -The Last Sundown, definetly will be on my list of albums of 2024 !!! 

Gov't Mule - Peace Like A River 

Eric Sardinas-Midnight Junction