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Michael Mann's Ferrari (2023)

(This was 1st a post on Aug. 30 2023)- Now in Venice Film Festival ! In Competition !!!

Adam Driver eats more spaghetti and chews again uno accente italiano after being in Ridley Scott's House of Gucci ;).

Now he is Enzo Ferrari in Michael Mann's long in the works biopic. Mann, who is now 80 !!! wanted to make this film from the early Nineties, first with Robert De Niro as Ferrari, then in 2016 he was about to shoot it with Christian Bale. Bale did get to play in Le Mans/Ford v Ferrari a Formula One English pilot Ken Miles. Michael Mann was the executive producer on Mangold's 2019 film, where Enzo Ferrari was played by cult actor Remo Girone (Tano Cariddi in La Piovra series, now on The Equaliser 3). Mann then cast Hugh Jackman as Ferrari but he finally shot the film last year with the properly named Driver, Adam ;)

US Release date: Dec. 25 2023. 

Romanian release Jan. 5 2024


Just saw the film in the theatre, needs a biiig screen to be enjoyed properly. Plus the sound...

Of course as it was shot in the 2.39: 1 ratio, shot masterfully by Erik Messerschmidt (Fincher's The Killler, Mank), proof that Mann took him in to shot the Italian vistas and incredible car racing. Some new angles and virtuoso craftmann-ship, but in the service of the story. 

Which is twisted between the man, the machines, the women, the drivers, the competition. Based on the Brock Yates biography, Enzo Ferrari: The Man, The Cars, The Races, The Machines.

Adam Driver is great, restrained, standing tall and playing someone who is 20 years his senior, Enzo Ferrari was 60 at the time the film is set, 1957. He is the film's biggest asset and Mann chose him rightfully so. The film focuses primarily on the relationship with his wife, Laura (a strong make-upped Penelope Cruz channeling Anna Magnani), and his mistress Lina Lardi (Shailene Woodley).  Also it focuses on the relationship of Ferrari with his drivers, the new entry Antonio De Portago in paricullar. Written by the late Troy Kennedy Martin (The Italian Job, The Edge of Darkness), the film is shot all over Italy (the Mille Milla Race) and displayed on a professional budget ($110 mill.), with a pulsating score by Daniel Pemberton, that incudes a sample of Lisa Gerrard 's score of The Insider (Sacrifice). Editing choices were made so the film ends at 130 mins, I would've wanted it go go on more, as it takes a long time to start on, and develop a relationship with its viewers.

3 1/2 out of 5, 7 out of 10 !

Trailer out Today:

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