vineri, 19 ianuarie 2024

Copeland & Wragg - House Burned Down (SOTD)

 The House Burned Down, almost...

...that was last Sunday nite, at 22 hours...

Danny Bryant cancelled (for health reasons) and we were without artists for our 1st gig of 2024. "We" as in Transilvania Blues. 

But the gods of Blues work in mysterious ways (aren't them all ;)

and we got our old friends Greg Copeland (USA) & Chris Wragg (UK) for their 2nd coming to Brasov for us.  Also joinin' in are Lee Bradley (UK, bass) & Matt Talbot (drums, UK).

Greg & Chris put out a new fabulous Blues album, THE LAST SUNDOWN, truthful, deep, with themes of "Reflection, Freedom, Mortality, Loss and Hope". Their second, after Deep in the Blood (2019), which they played for us In Brasov at Rockstadt, May 14th 2022.

Here's the 1st single of the album,  House Burned Down, which they'll play in about 25 hours from now...

you can still buy tickets here

or at the door tomorrow evening!

B. There and Let There B. Blues ! 

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