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Top albums 2023

...well, it's them... The Usual Suspects...Keef, the Coop, Iggy, a lot of  septagenuarians, even octogenarians there...All the young Dudes ! even Metallica !                                                                       Keeping on rocking in (not so much) a Free World anymore, agree Neil-yo;)? 

Top 2022 albums here. Top 2023 Soundtracks here. 

Song of the year is but, yes, The Beatles-Now and Then 

1. The Rolling Stones-Hackney Diamonds -well Mick and Keef are 80 ! 

Ronnie is the young gun here ;) -76!

and that brings me to the Music Video of the year (hey, for me, OK?): not Angry, but

Mess it Up , featuring a Nicholas Hoult on the run...directed by Calmatic !

2. Peter Gabriel -I/o (after 20 years...) -73 ! 

3. Alice Cooper -The Road -at 75 !!!


-Iggy Pop-Every Loser -76!  (sorry, I missed ya man in EC, hopefully catch-up this year!!!)

Ian Hunter -Defiance part One -83 !!!

Paul Simon-Seven Psalms (82 !!!)

Yusuf (Cat Stevens)-King of a Land (75!)

Nils Lofgren -Mountains (72!)

***also Neil Young (78!) put not one, not two but three albums out, Before and After, an album with Lofgren, Molina and Talbot (All Roads Lead Home) and a re-release of Chrome Dreams. 

Metal album of the year (that's how Metal I can get;) : well, Hetfield is 60 now but the meaning of 72 is Eighteen-Forever !!!

Metallica-72 Seasons

Mention for Jonas Akerlund's b & w video of Black Moonlight. Cool one ! 

Greta Van Fleet-Starcatcher 

(third album of the band, same Zeppelin, some Queen, still epigonic but better...their best yet)  -well, these guys are so young (but old souls;) it doesn't even compute ;)


Duran Duran -Dance Macabre (well, these guys are just in their sixties, so...), espc. for Supernature and Psycho Killer with a touch of Paint it Black...;)

Madness-Theatre of the Absurd Presents C'est la Vie 
(1st album since 2016)


Guilty pleasure (and not only GP) album of the year: 

Dolly Parton -Rockstar  (Dolly is 78 !!!), now, that's a cover album if there ever was one ;)

Try the super extended version (30 songs!!!). So many great guests here. Top RnR royalty. Loved her duet with Rob Halford (Bygones)! Also World on Fire, great song. Magic Man, with Ann Wilson. Heart of Glass, with Debbie Harry. And that duet with Stevie Nicks, bad-ass witches, no Eastwick. "What has Rock and Roll ever Done for You". Indeed :D

Re-issue/Anniversary of the year: 

Mike Oldfield -Tubular Bells -50th Anniversary Edition 
& with that Mike announced his retirement too, at 70, last May 15....

Guitar top three:

Steve Lukather-Bridges

Trevor Rabin-Rio

Steven Wilson-The Harmony Codex


Danny Bryant-Rise


Danny Bryant will be playing for the 1st time in Romania for Transilvania Blues Nights in Brasov at Rockstadt on Jan. 20th 2024 !!!!

well, that gig was cacelled, but we got this instead -Copeland & Wragg -The Last Sundown, definetly will be on my list of albums of 2024 !!! 

Gov't Mule - Peace Like A River 

Eric Sardinas-Midnight Junction 

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