miercuri, 6 septembrie 2023

Angry-The Rolling Stones (SOTD)

ANGRY, the 1st video from the first Rolling Stones album in 18 years, Hackney Diamonds, dropped at the Launch of the album 1 hour ago in London! 

It features American actress Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria, 'Snake" in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), looking hot and lose, being driven around L.A. and the Stones, a younger version, play from all the famous Billboards in the city. It's a riff on the 1995 "Love is Strong" video, directed by David Fincher. Also check it out- every billboard is either an album cover, a video or another significant icon of the band. 

The Angry video is directed by Francois Rousselet, who directed 2016's Stones video of Ride 'em all Down (from the "Blue and Lonsesome" Blues covers album). 

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