luni, 17 iunie 2019

Franco Zeffirelli RIP

Zeffirelli now :( He was 96. Opera director, formerly a stage designer. In Romania they loved him because his early films were shown in cinemas, Romeo and Juliet -1968, was ahuge hit. so was Taming of the Shrew, He also filmed in Romania, what was to be his last film, Callas Forever, in 1992. Then The Champ-1979 who made me cry as a child, disover Jon Voight, Faye Dunaway and the blond kid Ricky Schroeder. Saw it with my father, cried my eyes out. I was ten. Astra cinema in Brasov.
In the video piracy age Jesus of Nazareth was a huuuuge hit. And Endless Love, with Brooke Shields and a song by Lionel Ritchie :) Then he did Hamlet in 1990 with fucken Mad Max  :)
Young Toscanni, Tea with Mussolini. Will pay a tribute at Cinemateca Patria in July.
Buon viaggio, Maestro....