marți, 25 aprilie 2023

Steve Vai the 6th

 My 6th Steve Vai gig after 23 years since I first saw him when he came in Romania for the 1st time!

 And the 1st show in Romania/Bucharest after 10 years!

The INVIOLATE tour (why not InvAiolate?)

I kinda made it in the nick of time (thx, So;), fan-tastic gig, fabulous new band, young prodigy Dante Frisiello on second guitar and keys. Brilliant bass player  Philip Bynoe and superhuman drummer, "the Animal" Jeremy Colson. Big attraction, his triple guitar HYDRA which he played a song with it (i gotta say  I am not a fan tho)

Setlist from Buch gig missing but here's for the next one in Bulgaria and the previous one in Greece

He played BAD HORSIE, from the 1986 Crossroads film by Walter Hill, complete with video excerpts from the movie. I asked him about that when we met him at the press conference in 2010!

I stayed by myself in front and caught the end of the gig on my phone, here' s the video!!!

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2013 with the Evolution Tempo Orchestra -Arenele Romane

2012-1 noiembrie, Sala Palatului

2010-8 decembrie, Sala Polivalenta  with Evolution Tempo Orchestra

2009-6 septembrie Brasov, Cerbul de Aur -he played just 2 songs without band  

2000- aprilie Sala Palatului, I was shattered, met Eric Sardinas (who opened for him and walked the Hall playing guitar in the audience) in the lobby, drinking Jack Daniel's. Got his autograph and told him the story when we met in Sardinia 25 odd years later ;)

Steve's own site here... or

miercuri, 19 aprilie 2023

Cannes 76-Le Poster

 Côte d’Azur, June 1, 1968.

Actress Catherine Deneuve is standing on Pampelonne beach, near Saint-Tropez, for the shooting of La Chamade by Alain Cavalier, adapted from the novel by Françoise Sagan. She plays Lucile, who leads a worldly and superficial life, tinged with ease and a taste for luxury. Her heart beats frantically, hurriedly, passionately. Like the heart of cinema that the Festival de Cannes celebrates every year: its lively and embodied pulse can be heard everywhere. The heart of the 7th Art - of its artists, professionals, amateurs, press - beats like a drum, to the rhythm of the urgency that its eternal nature imposes.