marți, 30 noiembrie 2010

RIP Mario Monicelli

gee, ce zile ! Dupa Julien Guiomar si Ingrid Pitt, Leslie Nielsen si Irvin Kershner acum Mario Monicelli ! deh, avea 95 de ani dar era ok, a dat un interviu depre Dino De Laurentiis la Variety, si ultimul film l-a facut acum 2 ani ! Monicelli s-a sinucis, aruncindu-se de la balconul unui spital din Roma !, unde era tratat pentru cancer terminal.
Death doesn't frighten me, it bothers me. It bothers me for example that someone can be there tomorrow and but me I am no longer there. What bothers me is no longer being alive, not being dead.
(Monicelli, intr-un interviu din 2007 in Vanity Fair)
Leul de Aur penru intreaga cariera in 1991 la Venetia. A facut peste 60 de filme, satire si comedii, dintre care cel mai celebru este I Soliti Ignoti (Big Deal on Madonna Street-1959), cu doua continuari si cel putin 3 remakeuri de limba engleza (Crackers, Welcome to Collinwood, Palookaville). Apoi La Grande Guerra (1958) si seria Amici Miei cu Mastroianni Si Ugo Tognazzi.
La Stampa comenteaza: Monicelli's dramatic last scene
"Farewell to the master of Italian comedy", headlines La Stampa. Mario Monicelli, director of La Grande Guerra (The Great War - 1958) and I Soliti Ignoti (Big Deal on Madonna Street - 1959), killed himself by jumping from the 5th floor of a hospital in Rome. He was 95 and suffering from a terminal cancer. "In his final months, he embraced the protests against cuts to culture, encouraged young people to rebel for a better future, complained that the cinema of today could not talk about Italy as it is, but he couldn’t see a future for himself,” writes La Stampa. In a country where euthanasia is still taboo, his death was a final proclamation of freedom in an anarchic life. "He wanted to decide everything all by himself right to the end, as in his movies", commented critic Paolo Mereghetti to Corriere della Sera.

LMA sir Rid (again)!

...and in the other news Ridley Scott a facut 73 de ani ! LMA ca si in anii trecuti si cind a implinit 70 am facut un articol mare A to Z la Republik ! Sa-i iasa prequelul la Alien, acum anuntat ca Untitled Alien Prequel #1 (2011) si Untitled Alien Prequel #2 (2012). Si sa-l faca cu Noomi Rapace hopefully ! ca Tripoli cred ca s-a dus de tot !

luni, 29 noiembrie 2010

RIP Leslie Nielsen

despre Leslie Nielsen aflu din Adevarul de seara, prima oara cind aflu despre o moarte de actor din vreun ziar de acest tip. Pina la Airplane! (1980), Nielsen a fost actor de filme serioase (Forbidden Planet, The Poseidon Adventure) si tone de TV, apoi a devenit faimos ca erou de parodii, o serie nesfirsita, de la Naked Gun (from the files of police squad...)dupa serialul Police Squad , la cele si mai groase: Spy Hard, Dracula: Dead and Loving It, Mr. Magoo, Wrongfully Accused, Repossessed, 2001: A Space Travesty, siScary Movie 3 si 4. Avea 84 de ani (nascut 1926). Just Don't Call him Shirley :) !

RIP Irvin Kershner

Irvin a fost profesorul lui Lucas, si acesta l-a rugat sa-l ajute cu continuarea la filmuletzul cu Razboiul stelelor, si a iesit Imperiul Contrarataca. A facut si comeback-ul lui Bond, in lumina Imperiului surely, Never Say Never Again (titlu dedicat lui Connery). Si anterior, cu Connery, A Fine Madness (1966), comedia SPYS (1974), thrillerul Ochii Laurei Mars (pe un scenariu de John Carpenter !, 1978), si Robocop 2, la final (1990). A murit la 87 de ani, de cancer pulmonar.
"If the second one worked, then [Lucas] could make more," Kershner said. "If the second one didn't work, then that would be the end of Star Wars."
interviu din 1990 cu "Kersh"

Kerh cu Lucas si Lawrence Kasdan pe platou la TESB (ep. 5)

"I was shocked one day: I'm shooting, and I look over and way in the back of about 50 people is George standing there. And I said, "George, come over here!" He was sort of embarrassed, he's so shy! So he came over and watched the shooting. That was the morning that we shot a scene that ended up about 6 seconds on film and it took us 10 hours to shoot! Everything kept breaking! Nothing worked! (Laughter) And George just stood there and never said a word. George is just about the best producer I've ever worked with. He made sure that everything was there

George Lucas despre Kershner:
The world has lost a great director and one of the most genuine people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing,” says Lucas. “Irvin Kershner was a true gentleman in every sense of the word. When I think of Kersh, I think of his warmth, his thoughtfulness and his talent. I knew him from USC — I attended his lectures and he was actually on the festival panel that gave the prize to my THX short. I considered him a mentor. Following Star Wars, I knew one thing for sure: I didn’t want to direct the second movie myself. I needed someone I could trust, someone I really admired and whose work had maturity and humor. That was Kersh all over. I didn’t want Empire to turn into just another sequel, another episode in a series of space adventures. I was trying to build something, and I knew Kersh was the guy to help me do it. He brought so much to the table. I am truly grateful to him. He was a friend as well as a colleague. He will be missed.”

duminică, 28 noiembrie 2010

Piesa zilei (28.11.10): Piano Man !

la Tokyo in 2006

It's nine o'clock on a Saturday
The Regular crowd shuffles in
There's an old man sitting next to me
Makin' love to his tonic and gin

He says, "Son, can you play me a memory
I'm not really sure how it goes
But it's sad and it's sweet and I knew it complete
When I wore a younger man's clothes."

La la la, di da da
La la, di da da da dum

Sing us a song, you're the piano man
Sing us a song tonight
Well, we're all in the mood for a melody
And you've got us feelin' alright

Now John at the bar is a friend of mine
He gets me my drinks for free
And he's quick with a joke or to light up your smoke
But there's someplace that he'd rather be
He says, "Bill, I believe this is killing me."
As the smile ran away from his face
"Well I'm sure that I could be a movie star
If I could get out of this place"

Oh, la la la, di da da
La la, di da da da dum

Now Paul is a real estate novelist
Who never had time for a wife
And he's talkin' with Davy, who's still in the Navy
And probably will be for life

And the waitress is practicing politics
As the businessmen slowly get stoned
Yes, they're sharing a drink they call loneliness
But it's better than drinkin' alone

Sing us a song you're the piano man
Sing us a song tonight
Well we're all in the mood for a melody
And you got us feeling alright

It's a pretty good crowd for a Saturday
And the manager gives me a smile
'Cause he knows that it's me they've been comin' to see
To forget about life for a while
And the piano, it sounds like a carnival
And the microphone smells like a beer
And they sit at the bar and put bread in my jar
And say, "Man, what are you doin' here?"

Oh, la la la, di da da
La la, di da da da dum

Sing us a song you're the piano man
Sing us a song tonight
Well we're all in the mood for a melody
And you got us feeling alright

piesa din 1973, poate cea mai buna lui Billy Joel,
aici la Jay Leno cu Elton John

the harmonica is bobdyalnesque :)
zice Jay: "it doesen't get better than that" . YeP. True
cu scrie un fan hardcore: anume Azraelean
Elton John+Billy Joel = Mozart+Beethoven
An orgasm for the ears.

another LA song, like the ones of Randy Newman
dedicated to MI, on my way to Sece's E varza B-day...
Yes, they're sharing a drink they call loneliness
But it's better than drinkin' alone

sâmbătă, 27 noiembrie 2010

The Walking Dead !

cam au dreptate !!!
odata e Frank Darabont, apoi e comic-ul cult f. bun (80 de episoade pina acum), ongoing and neverending still, creat de Robert Kirkman in 2003 (image comics)
"a continuing story of survival horror"

pe lista empire de 30 comic books esentiale e nr. 8
e survival horror crincen si sunt zombi vs. oamenii supravietuitori in ce mai buna traditie Romero

au fost 4 episoade pe amc pina acum si mai sunt 2 din primul sezon (pt ca s-a anuntat si doiul !)

mai sunt si efectele lui Greg Nicotero

"We hope to do for zombies what Mad Men did for advertising!"
(Frank Darabont)

RIP Julien Guiomar, Ingrid Pitt & proiectionistul de la Studio

aflu de la the house next door:
Julien Guiomar and Ingrid Pitt have passed. You may know him as the Spanish pirest from Luis Buñuel's The Milky Way and her for traipsing through a number of Hammer films.
Pe Guiomar, character actor mai ales de comedie il stiu din
La moutarde me monte au nez (imi sare tandara) cu Pierre Richard, din Zizania si Aripioara sau picior, cu Luis De Funes, din Mirii anului II filmat in Romania in 1970, cu Belmondo si tot cu el Incorigibilul si Animalul, si cu el si Alain Delon in Borsalino si doar Delon in Alibi pentru un prieten (La mort d'un pourri). A murit pe 22 noiembrie, avea 82 de ani.

Ingrid Pitt , actrita-cult, The Queen of Scream, “the most beautiful ghoul in the world”, avea 73 de ani. A jucat in Unde se avinta vulturii (Where Eagles Dare, 1968) cu Richard Burton si Clint, si in Who Dares Wins (1982), cu SAS comando. Dar rolul emblematic este din The Vampire Lovers (1970, Roy Ward BAker, dupa Carmilla de Sheridan Le Fanu, horror leasbian erotic Hammer, si Contesa Dracula (1971). A jucat si in Wicker man, originalul din 1973 (v. post anterior Cage!). A debutat in Dr. Jivago (1965), intr-un rolisor. A scris carti, romanul de spionaj The Cuckoo Run, aparut in 1980, un altul despre familia Peron in 1984 si autobiografia, Life's A Scream (1999). A murit la Londra pe 23 noiembrie, la 2 zile dupa ziua ei.
articol memorial excelent in New York Times
un colaj cu ea de pe youtube:

biografie fascinanta:
Pitt was born Ingoushka Petrov in Poland to a German father and a Polish Jewish mother. During World War II she and her family were imprisoned in a concentration camp. She survived and in Berlin in the 1950s met and married an American soldier and ended up living in California. After her marriage failed, she returned to Europe but after a small role in a film, she headed to Hollywood where she worked as a waitress while trying to make a career in the movies. Her natural hair colour was brown, though she frequently lightened it to blonde.

sit oficial, pittofhorror
si asta seara (vineri, 26 nov) proiectionistul veteran de la Studio, in timp ce proiecta EUROPOLIS, la premiera, la inceputul proiectiei, de atac de cord. Numele lui e Constantin Munteanu si avea 68 de ani. Cred ca a proiectat multe din filmele despre care am scris mai sus (cele frantuzesti f4 sure). A fost macabru mai ales in contextul filmului, despre moarte si care se incheie cu o inmormintare, cu tot cu sicriul-magarus in hol. Si cum am iesit a inceput ploaia. Si am aflat ca au murit 2 persoane si-n timpul filmarilor. O fi filmul cursed ? Ca e cursed 2 be bad anyway, si afisul e horror.

Nicolas Cage going nuts !

dedicat faptului ca Nic filmeaza-n tzara noastra, isi face poze cu toata lumea, cumpara pamint si apa si tablouri si l-a cunoscut si pe Herbie Hancock...

un clip priceless pe muzica lui Clint Mansell de la Requiem 4 a Dream (scos de pe youtube si bagat din nou -n.2023, sper sa si ramina!!!), cu cele mai demente momente Cage, uncaged. 
Albinele din Wicker Man sunt high ! 
-clip de Harry Hanrahan, The best video editor in the business zic ei.

0’09 - 0’30 Vampire’s Kiss

0’30 - 0’32 Ghost Rider

0’32 - 0’50 Vampire’s Kiss

0’50 - 1’11 Deadfall

1’11 - 1’19 Vampire’s Kiss

1’19 - 1’35 Deadfall (x2), Face/Off, Red Rock West (x2), Deadfall

1’35 - 1’43  Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call

1’43 - 1’47 Matchstick Men

1’47 - 1’52 Leaving Las Vegas

1’52 - 1’55 Vampire’s Kiss

1’55 - 2’03 Bringing Out the Dead, Face/Off (x2), 8mm, Adaptation, Wild at Heart

2’03 - 2’17 Windtalkers, Raising Arizona, Bringing Out the Dead, The Wicker Man

2’17 - 2’21 Vampire’s Kiss

2’21 - 2’34 Deadfall

2’35 - 3’10 The Wicker Man
3’10 - 3’19 Deadfall

3’19 - 3’37 The Wicker Man

3’37 - 3’43 Ghost Rider

3’43 - 4’10 Zandalee

n. 2023-meanwhile in this decade Cage became 2000% percent more Uncaged (see another clip of freakouts here)-Ghost Rider 2, Pig, Mandy, Dog Eat Dog, Hero of the Wasteland (total UFO if ever was one), Dracula in Renfield (he deserved a better movie though), also himself in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (which should've been great but wasn't) -best scene of the film deleted Caligari dream trip! Recently in my yearly tops I'm giving The Nicolas Cage Award to a Nic Cage film-last year's TUWOMT (only that scene!!!), 2021's Pig, 2018's Mandy. Color Out of Space was kinda dissapointing to me tho...sorry, Richard...

vineri, 26 noiembrie 2010

Topul lui Stephen King pe 2010

in fiecare an Stephen King scrie pentru Entertainment Weekly top tenul de filme. Anul asta King a vazut LET ME IN, remakeul Hammer la suedezul Let the Right One In/ Låt den rätte komma in si l-a pus pe locul intii. Zice King de remakeul lui Matt Reeves (Cloverfield), “the best horror film of the decade.” Om vedea.

Pe locul doi, The Town (premiera la noi pe 31 dec.)
pe locul trei Inception
4. The Social Network (cronica mea aici)
5. Takers (n-am vazut inca dar indoi-mash)
6. Kiss-Ass (cronica mea aici)
7. Splice (Natali plays Cronenberg, hypercool pina la jumate cind la final devine chiar thriller slash'em up banal))
8. Monsters (care vad ca nu vine la noi la cinema, iaca cronica lui Kenny aici)
9. Jackass 3D (no comment)
10. Green Zone (no comment part 2)
aici lista completa cu trailele pe horrorbid.
aici cel pe 2009,
si aici cel pe 2008

joi, 25 noiembrie 2010

Albums of the year so far (& away)

as fi vrut sa spun recently dar...
nementionate inca, pe linga slash, john hiatt, jeff beck, iron maiden, vince neill, SLASH + guests, chiar Anathema, ca Ozzy nu mi s-a nici Clapton iar Winwood & keith are best..

Ronnie Wood si chiar Jerry Lee Lewis la 75 de ani !, ultimul Scorpions (ca cica chiar se retrag)
, Queensryche-empire la 20 de ani de aniversare cu trei piese in plus, printre care un cover dupa Simon si Garfunkel cu Scarborough Hill...


ray davies und covers...

albumul se intimpla in 2019 si trupa e de fapt The Fabulous Killjoys, eroii rezistentei

Rolling Stones mash-up

din seria Empire, de dat asta a trebuit sa postez, some are hilarious: iar ultima e chiar adevarta, they're touring in 2011 !!!!
acuma am observat ca nu apar la etichete Rolling Stones ci doar Keef :) well, that's a reason 4 that, but they are at HEROES (si-mi place touchul kill bill :)

miercuri, 24 noiembrie 2010

Motorhead's The Ace of Spades slowed down

cintat blues la viteza de jumate!
pentru o reclama la berea franceza Kronenbourg 1664 pentru piata engleza !
regizat cool de Thirtytwo (whotzefuckmaytheybe)

cioaca e ca pe situl berii uk,, poti descarca piesa dar numai daca ai spotify ceea ce n-au inca release decit in 5 tari europene asa ca moca.
deocamdata toata piesa (full audio) pe youtube:

si un documentar despre inregistrarea in studio (oct. 2010)

Lemmy: "azi e ziua maica-mii, face 91, ba nu, 92,"
interlocutor: Credeam ca-i mai batrina."
sau Phil Campbell: "why don't you go backwards?"

marți, 23 noiembrie 2010 un documentar de...Lou Reed

..despre verisoara sa de 102 ani, supranumita RED SHIRLEY !
via UNCUT:
care au preluat de la THE INDEPENDENT.

film de doar 28 de minute, a avut premiera acum la festivalul de la Viena (Vienale)
Shirley grew up in a small village in Eastern Europe and she was forced to flee Poland because of the Nazi threat. She moved to Montreal in 1938, armed with two suitcases and a few dollars. After finding the Canadian town too "provincial" for her taste, she ventured to New York, where she worked as a seamstress.

Reed says of his cousin, "She has been living in the same apartment for 46 years, which is about 18 blocks away from where I live. She is in a book about garment workers and the people who fought for the union. At the start of the movie the way she is speaking is almost like poetry: we suffered for this, we suffered for that, and it was like, 'Oh my God, that is a 100-year-old saying that and she deserves a statue, and then if not a statue, a movie'."

soundtrack de Metal machine Trio !

Emmy pentru HBO si Ion B.

Lumea vazuta de Ion B. a luat aseara premiul Emmy, deci Oscarul de TV (al treilea premiu pe care il iau romanii, celelalte doua fiind date pro tv), si acesta documentarului lui Alexander Nanau despre pictorul de colaje Ion Birladeanu !
felicitari tuturor :-)!

luni, 22 noiembrie 2010

LMA Terry Gilliam is 70 !!!

da, azi ! si am terminat azi noapte un top greu, in timp cu premiera Imaginariumului doctorului Parnassus pe hbo !
top 10 Gilliam aici pe hboclub, in timp ce i-a cazut a N-a oara finantarea la Omul care l-a ucis pe Don Quijote (dupa ce in 2008 a recuperat drepturile pierdute in 2008..)
daca vreti sa stiti ce face Terry in loc sa faca du grand cinema, un filmuletz funny dar cam degeaba pentru AMC, The Legend of Hallowdega si un podcast cu Arcade Fire de la Madison Square Garden ! Gilliam a fost jinxat toata viata-un ghinionist fabulos, un articol din Guardian din 2008 zice mai multe despre asta
LMA si more power to you in thse United States of Brazil !

duminică, 21 noiembrie 2010

Eli Wallach Oscar Omagial

la balul Guvernatorului unde s-au dat Oscarurile omagiale, lui Coppola premiul Irving Thalberg pentru productie, lui Kevin Brownlow documentarist si istoric, lui Godard (care bineintels a pulled a Godard, adica a fost no show), si legendarului ELI WALLACH, care pe 7 decembrie implineste 95 de ani !!! Si numai anul asta a fost in cinema in doua filme, in Ghost Writer al lui Polanski si in Wall Street 2 al lui Stone (tare mi-e in schimb ca Michael Douglas se duce inaintea lui Kirk !)

speechuri de CLINT (of course), care si-a amintit cu umor de Almeria si de Sergio Leone
2010 Governors Awards – Clint Eastwood on Eli Wallach | Video | The Academy

si Robert De Niro, funny (el a vorbit surely si la Coppola)
2010 Governors Awards – Robert De Niro on Eli Wallach | Video | The Academy
si aici ELI ! Respect ! ma bucur ca a primit un Oscar omagial dupa peste 150 de filme si roluri extraordinare indiferent ca era bandit mexican sau mafiot :), extraordinar de multe filmate in Europa, cu un statut special in istoria westernului (Calvera in Cei sapte magnifici) si a westernului spaghetti (de la Tuco la Cacopoulos si Black Jack), dupa cum spune Clint, singurul membru viu al distributiei principale din Baby Doll (1956) dar greseste pentru ca mai traieste si Caroll Baker, si Misfits (1961)!
2010 Governors Awards – Honorary Award recipient Eli Wallach | Video | The Academy-toate podcasturile pe situl Oscarurilor...

vineri, 19 noiembrie 2010

Millennium 2: Fata care s-a jucat cu focul

partea a doua a articolului despre seria Millennium, Stieg Larsson si Noomi Rapace pe hbo club aici.
partea intii: Barbatul care nu ura femeile aici...

joi, 18 noiembrie 2010

Hollywood Tales from the Dark side-Ronni Chasen

ati vazut-o de enspe ori intr-un film. Dar in Tinsletown sau Hollywood Babylon sunt povesti mai tari ca din Lost Highway sau Mulholland Drive. Sau per exemplu, Sunset Blvd. Asta e cea mai recenta:
Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen shot dead
Ronni Chasen, a veteran Hollywood publicist, has died after being shot while driving down Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.
Ms Chasen, 64, was found after crashing her Mercedes into a lamp-post at about half past midnight on Monday. She had been shot several times in the chest.

She had worked as a film publicist for more than 30 years, and had promoted successful pictures including Driving Miss Daisy, in 1989, and Lolita, from 1994.

She also represented Natalie Wood, the late actress, and the composer Hans Zimmer, and was a former senior vice-president for publicity at MGM.

It is thought that when she was shot, Ms Chasen was returning to her home in Westwood, in the west of Los Angeles, from the premiere of Burlesque, a new film starring Cher and Christina Aguilera.

Unnamed sources told the Los Angeles Times that earlier in the night she had attended the screening of the film at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, and an after-party at the W hotel in Hollywood.

Radar Online, a celebrity website that first identified Ms Chasen as the shooting victim, said she had been shot five times.

* more:
Ronni was promoting Michael Douglas for Best Supporting Actor for Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, as well as Alice In Wonderland 3D for Best Picture. A friend said that after leaving the office, she attended the premiere of the Screen Gems film Burlesque.
* am mai citit cite ceva pentu ca m-a intrigat. Mi se pare o greseala sau o confuzie. Si am aflat ca Ronni e o figura legendara, sora mai mica a lui larry Cohen, a fost sefa sectiei de publicitate de la AIP (Sam Arkoff) in anii '70.
Clientii sai producatori erau Richard Zanuck, Irwin Winkler, Lee Rich, Bud Yorkin si Arnold Kopelson.
LA Times are un excelent articol biografic despre ea intitulat: Hollywood's ultimate old-school publicist !
unde autorul, Patrick Goldstein, povesteste despre Michael Kamen, clientul lui Ronni, care a murit mai tirziu de scleroza...

miercuri, 17 noiembrie 2010

RIP Luis Garcia Berlanga

aflu de pe situl hboclub, nah from all things..
El Verdugo (1963) si Bienvenido Mr. Marshall (1953) sunt cele 2 filme ale sale pe crae le am in casa. El Verdugo(Calaul) e un cult favorite al unui prieten, si un clasic al cinema-ului spaniol in general .
Luis Garcia Berlanga a facut parte din cei 3 B ai cinematografului spaniol, ceilalti doi fiind Luis Buñuel si Juan Antonio Bardem ! Regizorul a murit la 89 de ani pe 13 noiembrie, dupa ani de suferinta de Alzheimer ! Plácido, filmul sau din 1961 a fost nominalizat la Oscarul pentru cel mai bun film strain. Iar Grandeur nature (1973) prezinta relatia unui barbat (Michel Piccoli) cu o papushe gonflabila !
articol tribut/obituary in Guardian !

joi, 11 noiembrie 2010

RIP Dino De Laurentiis

Da, stiu. Avea 91 de ani. Produsese destul :(
O legenda extraordinara... a produs o tona de filme (nu chiar o tona, dar spre 200), din care multe sunt printre filmele mele preferate (Anul Dragonului, Conan the Barbarian, Blue Velvet, Manhunter). A avut cu siguranta mai multe flopuri costisitoare decit succese. Dar a cumparat drepturile la romanele lui Thomas Harris cu Hannibal Lecter si acestea i-au asigurat ultima perioada (nu si Tacerea mieilor). Dino De Laurentiis a fost sotul Silvanei Mangano (Orez Amar, 1949) si a produs La Strada (1954) si Noptile Cabiriei (1957, alaturi de Carlo Ponti, celalalt legendary producer of Italy si au luat OScarul !) de Fellini. Dar si Diabolik de Mario Bava si Biblia lui John Huston (1966)si Barbarella (1968) cu hot sexy Jane Fonda, al lui Roger Vadim (big hit) care l-a ajutat sa se relocheze in SUA unde a produs most famously si megaloman remakeul la King Kong din 1976. Si la fel de excentrice, Flash Gordon (1980) si Dune (1984)
premiul Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award la Oscarurile din 2001

miercuri, 10 noiembrie 2010

The Social Network-cronica mea pe Feeder (si acum si aici)

dupa cum va spuneam scriu despre filmele noi pe feeder.
film-event din cauza lui David Fincher, care a regizat la superlativ povestea oamenilor care au facut facebook-ul. E unul din filmele de top ale anului, Fight Club pentru generatia "clicknet"
4 din 5/ 8 din 10 !
cronica aici... si acum dupa foto am updatat copia textului !

Nu am cont pe facebook. Nici nu ma intereseaza. Evit acest tip de control din partea celeorlalti, ma sustrag cit mai pot. De aceea nici povestea celor 2 baieti care au facut un sit, modul de socializare devenit fenomen mondial, din care s-au imbogatit peste poate, nu ma intereseaza. Dar cu faptul ca s-au certat, ca toti romanii de bine, cu asta putem sa empatizam… glumesc, dar doar partial. Un singur ingredient din fabricarea The Social Network
m-a atras. Two words: David Fincher. Regizorul care vede negru acolo unde ceialalti vad alb, autorul thrillerelor dark Seven, Fight Club, The Game, Zodiac, si nu insist asupra cazului straniu al lui Benjamin Button, al sau Forrest Gump, Fincher e unul din putinele cazuri din istoria recenta (ultimii 20 de ani ) de regizori care lucreaza in Hollywood in proiecte de A si inca continua sa fie interesanti. Si nah, din nou Fincher n-a dezamagit. Ceea ce putea sa fie un TV movie banal sau un teenage angst flick a devenit un excelent si sofisticat thriller verbal, cu talking heads, un fel de Toti oamenii presedintelui pentru generatia net. Film de regizor. Din punctul meu de vedere calitatile forte sunt cele asa zis tehnice, anume imaginea, extrem de intunecata, filmata in RED, digital, a lui Jeff Cronenweth (DOP la Fight Club si operator de camera la Seven), si sound design brici (Ren Klyce, colaboratorul lui Fincher de la Seven incoace), si muzica excelenta, atmosferica de Trent Reznor si Atticus Ross (aka Nine Inch Nails). Soundtrackul functioneaza in acelasi fel in care o facea cel de la Fight Club, acela facut de Dust Brothers. Ca si filmul, extrem de inrudit cu Fight Club, acum fara furia aceea schizoida, pe care l-am vazut descris undeva ca “un Fight Club fara Marla”. Acum dincolo de verdicte gen, “Filmul unei intregi generatii”, “filmul care defineste aceasta generatie”, etc, este unul din filmele anului, si va fi regasit pe listele de bilant ale criticii, cu premii si acolade, cu sanse la Oscar. Scenariul lui Aaron Sorkin (bazat pe cartea The Accidental Billionaires de Ben Mezrich) avea 166 de pagini (regula e de o pagina pe minut) asa ca Fincher a filmat mai repede, de unde si ritmul exclent de punctat al conversatiei. Jesse Eisenberg, actorul care-l joaca pe Mark Zuckerberg, cel care a creat Facebook, si a devenit miliardar la douazeci si ceva de ani, are o particularitate de freak&geek genial.

Criticului american Roger Ebert i-a adus aminte de geniul sahist Bobby Fischer, dar ii considera ca suferind de sindromul Asperger (“they possess genius but are tone-deaf in social situations. Example: It is inefficient to seek romance by using strict logic to demonstrate your intellectual arrogance”.) How true.
Si ajungem la afirmatia ca e un film misogin, si care se refera la cite lucruri de-a lungul istoriei au fost facute pentru a cuceri/avea o femeie. Sau din respingerea unei femei. Cam toate. So in this case, welcome to Facebook,
nu unealta de control CIA din teoriile conspirationiste ci drogul unei intregi generatii deziluzionate, in cautare de sex si identitate. Fight Club, nu cu pumnii, ci cu vite(a)za de download adecvata.

marți, 9 noiembrie 2010

3 (horror) movies 2 look 4...

IRON DOORS 3D, how does it sounds ? claustrofobia si ceva de Saw 1st
cronica aici
un film de Stephen Manuel.

noul John Carpenter, care a avut premiera la Toronto, THE WARD, horror cu Amber Head, revenirea lui Carpenter dupa 9 ani, de la Ghosts of Mars, timp in care a facut doar 2 episoade din Masters of Horror
din pacate nu cred ca vine la noi in cinema

mesajul video al lui J.C. la Toronto in prezentarea Midnight Madness, very funny ("if u see any of my cast memebers please give them money", etc.)
site oficial
interviu cu Carpenter aici (Collider, via Movieaddicted:)

good to hear you're back J.C., astept si filmul cu Nic Cage sau L.A. Gothic sau ce-o fi!
si un film pentru Craciun:
finlandezul RARE EXPORTS,
horror in care exportul e chiar...mos Craciun !
ho ho ho !

luni, 8 noiembrie 2010

Experiment in Terror (1962)

Blake Edwards e unul din cei mai underrated regizori din anii '60-'70. Multi il stiu doar datorita comediilor sale, colaborarile cu Peter Sellers (The Party si Pantera Roz) si Marea Cursa. Filmul meu prefeat al sau este insa S.O.B., o satira la adresa Hollywoodului, citat in Big Lebowski de fratii Coen. Dar Blake Edwards a facut filme extrem de serioase, in diverse genuri, extrem de versatil: western-The Wild Rovers, drama despre alcoolism-Days of Wine and Roses, muzical-Victor/Victoria, thriller-Peter Gunn, The Carey Treatment, The Tamarind Seed si poate most famously Breakfast at Tiffany's.

so, Experiment in Terror (1962) e un trhiller de al carui titlu stiu de f. mult timp dar pe care nu l-am gasit pina acum. E vorba de un santaj telefonic asupra unei angajate de banca (Lee Remick), care se adreseaza pentru protectie FBI-ului (si anume lui Glenn Ford). Plotul e bazat pe cartea "Operation Terror", scrisa de The Gordons (Gordon Gordon si sotia sa Mildred, el fost agent FBI, care au scris si varianta soft, That Darn cat pentru Disney)!

Killerul misterios si fioros si astmatic Red Lynch(Ross Martin, rol misterios, mai apoi Artemus Gordon din serialul Wild Wild West), numele sau nu pare decit pe genericul final (gen 30 de ani later in Seven), in plus legatura asiatica extrem de interesanta

un clin d'oeil: o secventa de Mack Sennett la cinema, filmele preferate ale lui Blake, din care va cita in comediile cu urmariri burlesti
imaginea brici alb-negru a legendarului Philip H. Lathrop, in tonuri si compozitii de noir

si muzica jazzy a lui Henry Mancini, colaboratorul fetis al lui Blake, aici cu tot cu un sitar si un soi de tambal moody...

...(preluata de Mike Patton in proiectul Fantomas dar cu voce...)

multe similaritati cu Dirty Harry, de la oras, San Francisco, la killerul psihopat
si exercitiu de stil, mai mult un experiment in Noir, cum zice si cronica de pe filmbrain
similaritati cu Psycho si for that matter cu Dressed to Kill si Angie Dickinson la inceputul filmului, un super Hitchcock in locatii reale si nu studio..
influenta majora asupra lui David Lynch in Twin Peaks (locul unde locuieste eroina, generic plus scena in care Bobby Peru o ameninta pe Lula, incadrata la fel). Astmaticul a fost parodiat sau citat in alte filme, poate si la Fulci in NYRIPPER.
Dan Ireland comenteza la Trailers from Hell traileul din epoca, one of a kind,un soi de teaser care prezinat primul minut jumate din film (pe imdb cu soundtrackul original):

3 1/2 din 5, 7 din 10
dvd extras: trailere la film, The Big Heat si the Lady from Shanghai.

nominalizarile la EUROPEAN FILM AWARDS 2010

7 nominalizari pentru Polanski, cu Ghost Writer aka The Ghost, consideratii si pt. Oscar
si 2 acolade pentru Daca vreau sa fluier, fluier, Pistereanu ca actor, si Descoperirea anului, si la scenariu, radu Mihaileanu pt. Concertul !
suuces to all of'em !


European Film:
“Bal” (“Honey”)

“Des Hommes et Des Dieux” (“Of Gods and Men”)
“The Ghost Writer”

“El Secreto de Sus Ojos” (“The Secret in their Eyes”) 

“Soul Kitchen”

European Director

Olivier Assayas, “Carlos”
Semih Kaplanoglu, “Bal” (““Honey”) 

Samuel Maoz, “Lebanon”
Roman Polanski, “The Ghost Writer” 

Paolo Virzi, “The First Beautiful Thing”

European Actress:

Zrinka Cvitesic, “Na Putu”

Sibel Kekilli, “When We Leave”

Lesley Manville, “Another Year”

Sylvie Testud, “Lourdes”

Lotte Verbeek, “Nothing Personal”

European Actor:

Jakob Cedergren, “Submarino”

Elio Germano, “La Nostra Vita”
Ewan McGregor, “The Ghost Writer”
George Pistereanu, “If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle”
Luis Tosar, “Cell 211”

European Screenwriter:

Jorge Guerricaechevarria & Daniel Monzon, “Cell 211” 

Robert Harris & Roman Polanski, “The Ghost Writer”

Samuel Maoz, “Lebanon”

Radu Mihaileanu, “The Concert

Carlo di Palma European Cinematographer Award:

Giora Bejach, “Lebanon”

Caroline Champetier, “Of Gods and Men”

Pavel Kostomarov, “How I Ended this Summer”
Baris Oezbicer, “Honey”

European Editor:

Luc Barnier & Marion Monnier, “Carlos”

Arik Lahav-Leibovich, “Lebanon”

Herve de Luze, “The Ghost Writer”

European Production Designer:
Paola Bizzarri & Luis Ramirez, “I, Don Giovanni” 

Albrecht Konrad, “The Ghost Writer”

Markku Paetilae & Jaagup Roomer, “The Temptation of St Tony”

European Composer:
Ales Brezina, “Kawasaki’s Rose” 

Pasquale Catalano, “Loose Cannons” 

Alexandre Desplat, “The Ghost Writer” 

Gary Yershon, “Another Year”

European Discovery (FIPRESCI Prize):

“The Double Hour”

“If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle”


“Nothing Personal”

”When We Leave”

European Film Academy Animated Feature Film:

“The Illusionist”

”Planet 51”

“Sammy’s Adventures: The Secret Passage”

European Film Academy Documentary:


“Nostalgia for the Light”
“Steam of Life”

European Film Academy Short Film:
“The External World”
“Hanoi – Warsaw”
“Here I Am”
“Joseph’s Snails”
“The Little Snow Animal”
“Maria’s Way”
“Out of Love”
“Rendez-Vous in Stella-Plage”
“Stay, Away”
“Talleres Clandestinos”
“Venus vs Me”

sâmbătă, 6 noiembrie 2010

RIP Jill Clayburgh

Jill Clayburgh va ramine O femeie nemaritata, An Unmarried Woman (1976), portetul femeii americane din anii '70, de Paul Mazursky, nominalizarea la Oscar pe care a pierdut-o in fata lui Jane Fonda in Coming Home. A luat in schimb premiul pentru cea mai buna actrita la festivalul de la Cannes. Debut in The Wedding Party (1969) al lui Brian De Palma, ultima oara am vazut-o intr-un rol din serialul Nip/Tuck si in Running With Scissors. Dar de fapt am vazut-o in Silver Streak (Transamerica Express, 1976), cind am revazut filmul anul trecut or so si in The Terminal Man (1974) de Mike Hodges dupa Michael Crichton . Alte roluri importante, La Luna (1979) de Bertolucci, Hanna K. de Costa-Gavras, Shy People de Andrei Koncealovski. A jucat-o si pe Jill Irealnd intr-un film TV din 1991 in care Lance Henericksen era Charles Bronson !
Jill Clayburgh a murit de leucemie. Avea 66 de ani.

vineri, 5 noiembrie 2010

Millennium 1: Barbatul care nu ura femeile

Millennium 1:Barbatul care nu ura femeile este un piece despre Stieg Larsson, autorul seriei Millennium (din pacate ramasa in stadiu de trilogie).
prima parte a articolului pentru hboclub aici, urmind ca sapt. viit. sa ma ocupa de cele trei filme si remake.

Stieg Larsson 1954-2004
ultimul interviu cu el, publicat de ziarul Telegraph !
si despre manuscrisul celei de-a patra carte tot in Telegraph !

Gallon Drunk in Control-pics & clips

prima piesa!

si inca...

apoi mi-a murit bateria, pacat, pt ca eram in fata si a fost un concert excelent, plin de energie si oamenii chiar vroiau sa cinte. Sub 100 de persoane in total in club. Cine identifica piesele sa zica, eventual o s-o faca cineva pe youtube, they always do...
and last, but definetly not least:), thx Liana & Igu !