duminică, 29 martie 2020

Bob Dylan-Murder Most Foul (SOTD)

...what better time than now (that is y-day, Saturday 28.03.2020), an overlong dark and bleak song about apparently JFKs death, and more so about pop culture, name dropping galore, and finally about the CH 19 pandemic...
title comes from Shakespeare's Hamlet act 2, 
(Ghost): Murder most foul, as in the best it is.
But this most foul, strange and unnatural.
-Bare with patience and listen to the lyrics, they're on the screen, 
It's Dylan-s longest song 2 date (17 mins) and his 1st original material since 2012s Tempest. 
Of course, like all things Dylan, “Murder Most Foul” isn’t for everyone. It’s length alone will be off-putting to all but the most diehard Dylanologist. (NBC News, comparing it with The Irishman of songs ;) 
must be a sign, wrote about this rambling on for an hour, saved it, and now erased it by myself....
Uncovering Epic Song by Bob Dylan ‘Murder Most Foul’ Lyrics Meaning
                  Play "Love Me or Leave Me" by the great Bud Powell
                      Play "The Blood-Stained Banner", play "Murder Most Foul"
Dylans message about the new song fom his own site here.

sâmbătă, 28 martie 2020

RIP Stefan Sileanu

Gone again :(
Stefan Sileanu avea 80 de ani. Actor de teatru si film, voce impunatoare, prestanta, a fost imaginea lui Vlad Tepes in singurul film romanesc facut in perioada Ceausescu despre...Vlad Tepes (1978). Film care a mers bine la import si care a a parut si pe dvd, si il dam si noi la Dracula Film Festival, speram sa il dam din nou in octombrie, in memoria lui. RIP...
Filmul il puteti (re)vedea deocamdata pe youtube aici. Regia Doru Nastase, -parintele-lui Margelatu.
Notă: Pe Vlad Tepes l-a jucat și Virgil Ogasanu dar într-un rol seundar, în Sageata Capitanului Ion (1973, Aurel Miheles).
Stefan Sileanu (As Vlad the III) by SombrePainter on DeviantArt

duminică, 22 martie 2020

RIP Kenny Rogers & SOTD

well, mom's faved country man, 1st I ever heard of, in my childhood...is now gone, on 22.03.2020, he was 81.
I moved on to -real music-and gave Country another shot in 30 years, now renamed Americana :D
For me it was a major turning point when I heard (as anyone), My Condition was In (I just dropped in), in THE BIG LEBOWSKI, by ...Kenny Rogers and The First Edition. Awesome, but thought, wow, this can not be THAT Kenny Rogers...well, it was that one, yep ! And  from that day on, I looked at KR with another eyes.  Well, now I know its Mickey Newbury's song, well, (his version is on a sad tone), composed in 1967 for Jerry Lee Lewis who rejected it. But a whole world knows it via The Dude and Big L.
here's a Willie Nelson cover !
well, he played Brasov in 1995, I should've gone to see him...young and stupid :), oh, yeah like now Im old and wise :D I played My Condition last night, today and tonight, and more Kenny, from The Gambler to Islands on a Stream , with Dolly Parton. But this song (I just Drooped in) fascinates me most and its many covers, well, My condition was IN...

hello updates, just discovered an excellent new version of Mickey Newbury-s song by our friends, the Cinelli Brothers, published April 20th 2020 on youtube. Here it is !

luni, 9 martie 2020

Max von Sydow RIP

Max von Sydow, one of the greatest actors that ever was, is no longer here :(
He died on Sunday March 8th, he was 90.
Sweedish born, he 1st appeared in Ingmar Bergman's films-he faced death in The Seventh Seal - to an international career, from Jesus (in The Greatest Story Ever Told) to the Exorcist, with plenty of supporting roles in Hollywood films, villains galore, played a campy Emperor Ming back in 1980 in Flash Gordon and a Blofeld in the unofficial Bond, Never Say Never Again !
must-see, one of my faved films, The Night Visitor, a rare gem  (1973).
-will do a tribute at Cinemateca Patria in April. well, that is, when it will re-open again :(

Empire obit here 
Indiewire here