duminică, 22 martie 2020

RIP Kenny Rogers & SOTD

well, mom's faved country man, 1st I ever heard of, in my childhood...is now gone, on 22.03.2020, he was 81.
I moved on to -real music-and gave Country another shot in 30 years, now renamed Americana :D
For me it was a major turning point when I heard (as anyone), My Condition was In (I just dropped in), in THE BIG LEBOWSKI, by ...Kenny Rogers and The First Edition. Awesome, but thought, wow, this can not be THAT Kenny Rogers...well, it was that one, yep ! And  from that day on, I looked at KR with another eyes.  Well, now I know its Mickey Newbury's song, well, (his version is on a sad tone), composed in 1967 for Jerry Lee Lewis who rejected it. But a whole world knows it via The Dude and Big L.
here's a Willie Nelson cover !
well, he played Brasov in 1995, I should've gone to see him...young and stupid :), oh, yeah like now Im old and wise :D I played My Condition last night, today and tonight, and more Kenny, from The Gambler to Islands on a Stream , with Dolly Parton. But this song (I just Drooped in) fascinates me most and its many covers, well, My condition was IN...

hello updates, just discovered an excellent new version of Mickey Newbury-s song by our friends, the Cinelli Brothers, published April 20th 2020 on youtube. Here it is !

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  1. L-am vazut la Cerb in '95 impreuna cu doi prieteni,fara bilete,tatal unuia dintre ei lucrase ca sudor la structura si a reusit sa ne bage pe toti in tribuna.Ce vrei,anii '90 in Ro..where did the years go?

    1. Heello mr. T :)
      pt mine rateul cerbului de atunci si in genral a fost Status Quo, vazut la Tv la 2 strazi distanta, e postavarului, cu tot cu sunetul din paita, ca se dadeau in drect, keeny era al mamei si eram in genartional clash, still are :D
      abia dupa 2000 cu BIG L si The First Edition am dig in, dar doar dropped in :), take care, man :)

    2. You too,ALD :)
      Mi-am adus aminte cand l-am vazut prima oara pe Kenny.In anii '80,la tv intr-un episod din The Muppet Show,canta piesa The Gambler.So I have a special fondness for him,'cause I was just a little kid back then.And I LOVED the Muppets..