miercuri, 26 aprilie 2017

Jonathan Demme RIP

The Silence of the Lambs: Joanthan Demme is no more :(
73 years old -cancer-seemed younger, a man who started directing for Roger Corman (still alive at 90 !) -Caged Heat -1974, Crazy Mama-1975-and then went to Oscar respect with Philadelphia.
My faved flicks of his: Last Embrace, The Manchurian Candidate, Something Wild, Melvin and Howard and surely LAMBS (Oscar for best director in 1992).
Directed rockumentaries, Stop Making Sense -Talking Heads, Heart of Gold-Neil Young,. so forth.
Lasst film, Ricki and the Flash, in 2015.
His nephew, director Ted Demme  (Blow, The Ref) died in 2002 at 38 !

sâmbătă, 22 aprilie 2017

Jack is 80 !!!

Mr.Jack Torrance, Jake Gittes, Melvin Udall, George Hanson, Randle P.McMurphy, colonel Jessup, Schmidt, The Passenger, The Joker,  and maybe soon Toni Erdmann ? oh yeah, Jack Nichoson is 80 to-day ! Happy Birthday Jack !!! Here's to ya -the hair of the dogs that bite me still !!!
la Cinemateca Patria Brasov am dat luna aceasta 8 filme cu Jack, marti miercuri si joia viit.mai sunt The Shining, The Pledge si The Fortune. 

vineri, 21 aprilie 2017


Iggy Pop is 70 today !
planned to celebrate him on Doc and Roll fest with GIMME DANGER doc and still do, but in November. Meanwhile he shows up in Danny Fields doc, Danny Says, and recently he penned the movie GOLD's main song from the soundtrack, a great song composed together with Daniel Penberton, Danger Mouse and Stephen Gaghan (the director).  Great song !
a great great interview with the Igg from Rolling Stone, one of the most honest and in your face interviews ever !!!
You turn 70 in April. How do you feel about that?
I'm excited. I hope I make it.

vineri, 7 aprilie 2017

Deep Purple -Infinite -out today

noul (ultimul?) album DP-INFINITE -out today

Deep Purple vor concerta la Bucuresti pe 13 mai 2017 la romexpo
primul video clip:
primul single -TIME FOR BEDLAM.(photoshoot BTS aici)